10 Good THINGS Happened IN 2018

10 Good Things Happened in 2018 Okuma Metni

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  1. Young scientist Canan Dagdeviren made us very proud. She got awarded for her research on wearable devices and on many other amazing projects, as well. Dr. Dagdeviren continues to contribute to science and get rewarded for her incredible work.
  2. A young Turkish woman gave food to many Cambodian children with donations from Turkey. She also made houses for poor families. Aynebilim Soup Kitchen continues to help Cambodian people and give them hope for a better future.10 Good Things Happened in 2018 Okuma Metni
  3. The ozone layer started to get better. This proved that we can work together to solve the problem of global warming.
  4. After years of hard-work and countless failures, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. Well done, Leonardo, well done.
  5. Hillary Clinton became the first female Democratic Party candidate. This gave hope to women all around the world for an equal future in a peaceful world.
  6. An Afghan teacher used his bicycle to carry books to villages that have no schools or libraries.
  7. A teenager who was battling cancer married his sweetheart. A wedding ceremony was made in the hospital for the young couple.
  8. 800,000 people planted 50 million trees and broke a world record in India. Another good example of solving the problem of global warming.
  9. 2016 was an amazing year for Harry Potter fans. First, there came “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” as a theater play. Second, there came a new movie series with 5 movies in total. First movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” earned 607.5 million USD so far.
  10. Pokemon, a very popular cartoon from the past, was made into a mobile game and released worldwide. Thousands of people from all around the world went out of their homes to catch rare pokemons.


Worldwide: In all parts of the world.

To Earn: To get money or other benefits

Donation: To give money or other useful material help to people who need it

Device: A thing made for a special purpose

Countless: Many, lots of


Dr. Dagdeviren was awarded for….

  1. Her educational method
  2. Her new book
  3. Her research on wearable devices
  4. Her English level

What made Harry Potter fans very happy this year?

  1. A new school of magic
  2. A theater play
  3. A movie and a theme park
  4. A movie and a theater play

An Afghan teacher carried books to villages through what?

  1. Public bus
  2. Ferry
  3. Bicycle
  4. Car


(3) Her research on wearable devices

(4) A movie and a theater play

(3) Bicycle

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