12.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 2.Yazılı Soruları ve Cevapları

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1-) A: Have you tidied your room ……………?

B: Yes, I have ……………… tidied my room.

  1. yet /yet                    
  2. just / just      
  3. already /yet               
  4. yet / already

2-) A:How long have you been an English Teacher?

B:  ……………….eight years.

  1. for         
  2. already       
  3. just     
  4. Since

3-) Mary has been in İstanbul ………….2000.

  1. since    
  2. for    
  3. never   
  4. ever

4-) I bought my house ten years ago.

Hangisi aynı anlama gelir?

  1. I have never bought a house.
  2. I haven’t had a house yet.
  3. I have had my house for ten years.
  4. I have just had my house

5-)  ……………………………………….………?

-No, I have never eaten sushi.

  1. Have you ever eat sushi?
  2. Have you ever ate sushi?
  3. Did you ever eat sushi?
  4. Have you ever eaten sushi?

6-) I usually help my mother to carry the  bags because she isn’t ………………. to carry them.

  1. too strong       
  2. too weak                               
  3. strong enough           
  4. weak enough

7-) He ………drink the tea because it’s  ……… hot.

a) can’t / enough          

b) can / enough                                                       

c) will / too            

d) can’t / too

8-) Mary is twelve years old. She isn’t ________  to drive a car.

a) enough young               

b) old enough              

c) young too                

d) too old

9-) Aşağıdaki cümlelerin hangisi yanlıştır

a) Have you ever been to Paris?   

b) Has he had his exam yet?         

c) I´ve just tidied my room.                                    

d) She has done her homework yet.

10-) She __________ when I  _________.

  1. was taking a shower / arrived
  2. take a shower / arrive
  3. took a shower / was arriving
  4. is taking a shower / am arriving

11-) He wants _______ a new computer.

a) buying 

b) to buy   

c) buy      

d) to buying

12-) The concert was____________that many people left early

a) such exciting              

b) such a boring 

c) so boring                    

d) so an exciting

13-) Jane has _________ gone out, she left 5 minutes ago.


b) just    

c) yet 

d) for

14-) The film was______________.

a) frightening                          

b) to frightened   

c) frightened                           

d) to frightening

15-) Doğru soruyu işaretle.


I like the white T-shirt, not the red one.

  1. What is your favorite coat?
  2. Where do want to wear them?
  3. Which one do you like red or white T-shirt?
  4. How do you know they are white?

16-) Doğru soruyu işaretle.


No, I didn’t  come to the office yesterday.

  1. Did you go to the park yesterday?
  2. What did you do yesterday?
  3. Where is your office?
  4. Did you come to the office yesterday?

17-) I didn’t hear you. What did you _______?                                   

a) say         

b) tell          

c) talk     

d) cry

18-) George and I ______ for three hours.                                            

a) talked     

b) said    

c) told

d) started

Cevap Anahtarı

  1. d
  2. a
  3. a
  4. c
  5. d
  6. c
  7. d
  8. b
  9. d
  10. a
  11. b
  12. c
  13. b
  14. a
  15. c
  16. d
  17. a
  18. a
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