4 Date Ideas

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Love. What a beautiful feeling. To be in love and to be loved back must be the best thing in the world.  But time can make you numb for love.

After a long time of being together, maybe one or two of the people might feel love less. So from time to time, lovers should spend quality time together and rekindle that first love again.

You could maybe go to see a movie. How about a fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant? Anything is OK as long as love can be rekindled again. If you can’t think of anything, no worries, today we will give you 4 cool dating ideas.


Walk Around the City

Walking is a bonding activity. No, not walking in a fast pace to be healthy or anything. Just walking around the city, stopping here and there to look at the beautiful blue sky or get some ice-cream. Walking leisurely with nothing to do, nowhere to go… This will help you slow down your stressful city life and just enjoy small pleasures.

Have Brunch Together

Brunch is an amazing type of meal. You can eat breakfast food combined with lunch. You can even get up at noon and actually make breakfast but call it brunch. It is a slow-paced meal that both of you will enjoy. Brunch is a great time to grab your coffee and have a chat, too.

Wander the Bookstore

Even if you are not a couple who loves reading, seeing a new bookstore and wandering around always helps you find some interesting books and magazines. You can pick up something new and talk about it with your lover.

Cook A Meal For Each Other

From time to time, go to the kitchen and cook, preferably together. It will soothe your mind and your lover will feel loved. Also, we all need to eat, right?


Numb: Not being able to feel

Soothe: To comfort feelings, to become calmer

Preferably: Something that you prefer but that is not compulsory

Leisurely: Without hurry, relaxed, unhurried, lazily

Rekindle: Revive something that has been lost


Why does a couple may feel the need to spend time together?

  1. They are bored
  2. Time makes them numb to the feeling of love
  3. They are cheating each other
  4. Modern law says so

What makes a slow walk around the city special for couples?

  1. It can be a bonding activity
  2. It is stressful
  3. You need to walk really fast
  4. It makes you thinner

According to the passage, what meal is an ideal dating idea for couples?

  1. Dinner
  2. Breakfast
  3. Lunch
  4. Brunch


(2) Time makes them numb to the feeling of love

(1) It can be a bonding activity

(4) Brunch


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