4 Most VISITED Places IN Turkey

4 Most VISITED Places IN Turkey
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Turkey is an amazing country with touristic beauties in every corner of it. You like beach holidays? There are thousands of them. You like cultural holidays? The country is full of ancient ruins. You just like to eat the cultural food, relax and chill? Turkish food is very suitable for that. So here are 4 most visited places in Turkey:

4 Most VISITED Places IN Turkey

Safranbolu Old Houses

Maybe you have seen the pictures of an old Ottoman town’s houses only a few times, but this unknown place has one of the best old towns in Turkey. Unchanged little streets with old Ottoman houses on both sides are great for a walk in Ottoman times. Plus, they have a special type of Turkish delight made of “safran”.


The name may not mean anything to you, but in Turkish it literally means “cotton castle” which basically says a castle made out of cotton. This name was given to the place thanks to its natural white travertines full of heathy thermal water. This magical place is one of its kind.

Alacati Cesme

Maybe you both like a beach and a cultural holiday. Alacati is the perfect spot for this. Warm Aegean Sea with soft sand on the side will be your swimming spot, while the old houses and the cute little town will provide you the space needed for a cozy chat with friends. Do eat some of the fish dishes and add olive oil to everything you eat.

The Library of Celcus

Here is the sole historical spot with so much to see that you won’t remember which year you are in after you visit these old places. The library is an ancient Roman building and is in the old city of Ephesus. Maybe just the façade of the building is still on the grounds, but the architecture is still visible.


Façade: Front side

Cozy: Warm and friendly, sincere

To chill: To not do anything and just relax

Spot: A particular place

Sole: Only, mere


According to the passage, which of the following statements is not true?

  1. Turkey is rich in historical spots
  2. The name “Pamukkale” has a special Turkish meaning
  3. The Library of Ephesus is placed in the old city of Celcus
  4. Safranbolu was an old Ottoman town

Which of the following place is known for being suitable both for a beach and a cultural holiday?

  1. Alacati
  2. Pamukkale
  3. Safranbolu
  4. Ephesus

What does the name of “Pamukkale” mean in Turkish and does it have a connection with the city?

  1. Means beautiful city in Turkish, there is no connection
  2. Means “cotton castle” in Turkish, there is a connection
  3. Means “white hill” in Turkish, there is a connection
  4. Means “city in the south” in Turkish, there is no connection

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(3) The Library of Ephesus is placed in the old city of Celcus

(1) Alacati

(2) Means “cotton castle” in Turkish, there is a connection


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