5 Awesome DESIGN TIPS for Pros

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Design is the new marketing magic in our world today. Anything, even if it’s useless, can make lots of money if it looks good enough. Design makes the difference between rich and poor.

But this puts a lot of pressure on designers. Yes, you can create something original and beautiful from time to time, but doing this every sing day is tough. Sometimes you don’t even want to think about a new design. So how do we tackle this problem? How can we create good designs all the time?

You got lucky today, because I got some great tips for you. Even if you are a great designer already, you should definitely check these out.


Keep It Simple

OK, you are good at designing and you got many new ideas. But sometimes too many may look bad. Try to keep your design as simple as possible. Remember: all famous designs are actually very simple and they win with this simplicity.

Fonts Are Important

What you write is very important for writers, but for designers it is the font that matters the most. Try to find the most suitable font for your work and use it. If the font does not look good, try another one. Try all the fonts till you find the right one. Fonts are important, do not underestimate their power.

Choose Your Color Wisely

You don’t have to be a famous painter like William Turner to see the importance of colors. In the world of design, sometimes colors are everything. Choose wisely.

Symmetry Is Your Friend

It may sound too simple, but playing with symmetry saves the day sometimes. Use horizontal and vertical lines at the end of the text or photos. Play with them.

Rest Your Eyes

Don’t push your limits too much. After working on your design for a while, rest your eyes a bit, grab a coffee. You will come back with many new ideas and perspectives, I promise.


Tough: Very difficult, hard

Tackle (a problem): To solve a problem, to handle it

Underestimate: Wrongly thinking something is too simple or easy

Wisely: Making the best decision, being smart

Perspective: A point of view


According to the passage, who is William Turner?

  1. A singer
  2. A carpenter
  3. A painter
  4. A supermodel

In order to create a good design, which of the following helps the designer?

  1. Symmetry must be ignored
  2. The color of the design does not matter
  3. Complicated designs are the best designs
  4. Fonts must be chosen wisely

Why do I have to take a break while designing something?

  1. You need to rest your eyes and refresh yourself
  2. You need to go to the restroom
  3. You need to be Spiderman and save the world
  4. You need to work on your ballet performance


(3) A painter

(4) Fonts must be chosen wisely

(1) You need to rest your eyes and refresh yourself



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