5. Sınıf İngilizce Konuları

Türkiye’nin En İyi Online İngilizce Eğitim Sistemi Konuşarak Öğren’den Ücretsiz Konuşma Dersi Almak İçin Tıklayın !

Konuşarak Öğren'i Ücretsiz Deneyin


  • Greeting and meeting people 
    • Nice/Glad to meet you. 
    • Nice meeting you. 
    • Me, too. 
    • My pleasure. 
  • Expressing likes and dislikes 
    • What is/are your favorite class(es)? 
    • —My favorite class(es) is/are …
    •  —I like English and maths. 
    • I don’t like/dislike/hate… 
  • Making simple inquiries 
    • Where do you study? 
    • —I study at Atatürk Secondary School. 
    • How many languages do you speak? 
    • —One. I speak Chinese. —Two. I speak English and German.

My Town

  • Asking for and giving directions (Making simple inquiries) 
    • Excuse me, how can I get to the city center? 
    • —Go (straight) ahead and turn left on Uçarlı Street. —Thanks. 
    • Excuse me, where is the bus station? —It’s on Papatya Street. 
  • Talking about locations of things and people 
    • Where are you? 
      • —I am at the library. 
      • —Library? 
      • —Yes, the library

Games and Hobbies 

  • Describing what people do regularly 
    • Do you play computer games? —No, I don’t. 
    • I go fishing. 
    • What are your hobbies? —Playing chess and tennis. 
  • Expressing ability and inability
    • Can you play checkers? —No, but I can play chess. 
    • Can your sister/brother play chess? —Yes, s/he can. —No, but s/he can play checkers. 
  • Expressing likes and dislikes 
    • Yin lives in Beijing and he likes playing blind man’s buff. 
    • Julio lives in Madrid and he likes playing football. 
    • Hans and Yuka don’t like hopscotch.

My Daily Routine

  • Describing what people do regularly (Making simple inquiries) 
    • What time does your little brother/sister go to bed? —S/he goes to bed at half past ten. 
    • What time do you arrive at school? —We arrive at school at quarter past eight. When do you brush your teeth? —I brush my teeth in the morning and at night. —When do you watch TV? —I watch TV every evening. 
  • Telling the time 
    • What time is it? —It’s half past nine. —It’s quarter to eleven. 
  • Naming numbers 
    • Numbers from 1 to 100


  • Expressing illnesses, needs and feelings 
    • I feel cold. 
    • I have the flu.
    • I have a fever. 
    • I have a toothache/headache/ stomachache. 
    • S/he feels cold and tired. 
    • S/he needs pills. 
  • Making simple suggestions 
    • —You should stay in bed. 
    • — Have a rest. 
    • —Stay in bed.
    •  —Visit a doctor.
    • —Take your pills


  • Describing characters/people 
    • Superman is very strong/brave/… 
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
    • I don’t like/dislike/hate horror movies. 
  • Making simple inquiries 
    • What is the movie about? It’s about friends/war/love/… 
  • Stating personal opinions 
    • I think Superman is brave. 
    • What’s your favorite film? 
    • —Ice Age. 
    • —I like Spirited Away. 
  • Telling the time 
    • What time is the movie? —It’s at seven o’clock. —It’s at half-past four.

Party Time

  • Asking for permission 
  • Expressing and responding to thanks 
  • Greeting and meeting people 
  • Expressing obligation 


  • Making simple inquiries
  • Asking for clarification Sorry, can/could you repeat that, please? 
  • Making/accepting/refusing simple suggestions

The Animal Shelter

  • Asking for permission (Making simple inquiries) 
  • Describing what people/animals are doing now 


  • Describing general events and repeated actions (Making simple inquiries) 
  • Naming numbers
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