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Sometimes simple is the best. Just like a t-shirt. Everyone has one of those. Everyone probably has tens of those. And most people just use t-shirts as part of a pajama or something to be wore inside the house. It is as if we are shy to be seen on a simply white t-shirt.

But why waste a good t-shirt inside your house while you can go outside and slay in that same t-shirt? Why does “recycle” your old t-shirts and wear them on without shame?

Today, I’m going to teach you how to wear a t-shirt and still look cool. Here are 5 different ways of wearing a t-shirt. Enjoy.


Wear A Jacket On It

A cool, preferable leather jacket looks good on anything. Just wear your favorite t-shirt and put on a jacket. Look at the guy above, he just has a simple white t-shirt underneath and he literally rocks.

A Short Skirt Would Look Good

Don’t wear the same jeans all the time, change your attire. Wear a cute little skirt under a t-shirt, you will look timeless!

Boyfriend Jeans and Men-wear Items are Cool

A baggy jean may look weird at other times, but with a cool t-shirt and other men-wear items like bags and watches, baggy jeans are simply awesome.

A Vest: Goes Great With Anything!

You may not be a waiter or a waitress, but do buy a vest. A vest is a magical object that can change a simple t-shirt into a classic and very chic look. It also makes you look thinner, just saying.

Have You Tried Long Skirts?

Long skirts are not for rainy days, but for sunny days they are perfect. Get a colorful long skirt for yourself and wear a simple t-shirt on it. Girl, you look good!


Baggy: Loose, big in size

Slay: (street talk) to impress in a great way

Recycle: To reuse something in order to not wasting it

Pajama: Clothes you wear to sleep

Literally: Really, in actuality


According to the passage, when do people tend to wear t-shirts normally?

  1. While sleeping
  2. While swimming
  3. While going to Oscars
  4. While on a date

According to the passage, which of the following statements are false?

  1. You can wear a jacket on a t-shirt
  2. You can wear a skirt with a t-shirt
  3. Your skirt must be short to look good with a t-shirt
  4. Your jacket looks cool on a t-shirt

What kind of clothing gives a simple t-shirt a classic, chic look?

  1. Baggy jeans
  2. A vest
  3. A long skirt
  4. A jacket

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(1) While sleeping

(3) Your skirt must be short to look good with a t-shirt

(2) A vest


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