6.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 1.Yazılı Soruları ve Cevapları

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Konuşarak Öğren'i Ücretsiz Deneyin

1-) Where do you usually go on holiday?

  1. a) She often goes to Hatay
  2. b) We like to sit and cry.
  3. c) I usually go Antalya.
  4. d) See you in the beach.



2-) How was the weather in holiday?

  1. a) It was happy.
  2. b) My temperature was very cold.
  3. c) I like rainy weathers.
  4. d) The weather was hot and sunny in holiday.



3-) Carol : Me too. How was your holiday?

Harry : It was great. My family and I were in ………….

  1. a) New York
  2. b) Washington
  3. c) San Fransisco
  4. d) Los Angeles



4-) Linda : _______ you in Greece?

Jim : No, I wasn’t. I _______ in Italy. Look at my photo of the Pisa Tower

  1. a) Were / was
  2. b) Was / were
  3. c) Were / were
  4. d) Was / was


5-) What are the family doing?

  1. a) cooking
  2. b) playing games
  3. c) picking berries
  4. d) staying in a tent


6-) What are they learning?

  1. a) cycling
  2. b) riding a horse
  3. c) skiing
  4. d) driving a car


7-) What are people doing?

  1. a) People are having breakfast.
  2. b) People are visiting a museum.
  3. c) People are having a chat.
  4. d) People are playing dodgeball.



? A:What will you do today?

B: I don’t know, maybe I will …………………..

  1. a) visit Buckingham Palace
  2. b) walk Hyde Park
  3. c) get on London Eye
  4. d) visit museums


9-) Last weekend, my family and I were at a winter sports centre in Sweden.

What did you do in holiday?

  1. a) We skied over the hills.
  2. b) We played ice-hockey.
  3. c) We builded a snowman.
  4. d) We walked in the snowy forest.



10-) A:Where did you stay?

B: We stayed …………….

  1. a) in a hut.
  2. b) in a tent.
  3. c) in a flat.
  4. d) in a cave.



11-) I’m a/an _____________ . I can cut and sew fabrics. I can make dresses, trousers and skirts.

  1. a) dresser
  2. b) tailor
  3. c) stylist
  4. d) engineer




12-) I’m a/an _________ . I work at school. I teach you new things. I can play fun games with you, too.

  1. a) manager
  2. b) teacher
  3. c) student
  4. d) janitor


13-) Student B : Hi! How can I help you?

Student A : I’m………………………………………..

  1. a) doing homework. It is none of your business.
  2. b) staring at you. OMG you are beautiful.
  3. c) making a survey for our school magazine.
  4. d) cleaning here. Can you move little bit?




14-)  Which days does she work?

  1. a) She works on Monday, Thursday, Wednesday.
  2. b) He works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  3. c) She works on Monday, Thursday, Saturday.
  4. d) She works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.



15-) If I’m at a party but don’t know anybody, …………………………….

  1. a) I’II examine the people there
  2. b) I’II meet new people
  3. c) I’II enjoy the food and drinks.
  4. d) I’ll sleep there.


16-) Choose the best answer according to the picture above.

  1. a) Criminals robbed a bank.
  2. b) A smuggler ran away after seeing the owner of the house.
  3. c) A burglar broke into the house at night.
  4. d) Bad people steal things.



  1. ve 18. soruları resme göre cevaplayın.

17-) Choose the best answer according to the picture above.

  1. a) Criminals are robbing a bank.
  2. b) Villains kidnapped a girl.
  3. c) These are savages. How could they do such thing!
  4. d) People are in a costume party.


18-) Officer : How many criminals are there?

Jack :……………………………………….

  1. a) There are many criminals.
  2. b) There is two criminals.
  3. c) There are two criminals.
  4. d) There is no criminal at all.



Cevap  Anahtarı

1-c          10-a

2-d          11-b 

3-a           12-b              

4-a           13-c 

5-d           14-d  

6-c            15-b  

7-b            16-c      

8-c            17-a  

9-d            18c   

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