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1-) What are they doing?

a) Cleaning the class.

b) Studying their lesson.

c) Chatting with friends.

d) Sleeping on desks.


2-) What should you do?

a) You should wash your hands before meal.

b) You should take a shower while smiling.

c) You should know what you have to do.

d) You should cut your hand to convince me.


3-) Mom says :……………………………………..

a) Keep your desk tidy and neat.

b) Be kind to your friends.

c) Don’t jump on the couches.

d) Use your quiet voice.



a) Don’t jump on the couches.

b) Use your quiet voice.

c) Be nice to your siblings.

d) Raise your hands to speak.


Marie Curie is a Polish physicist and chemist. She is famous for her

research on radioactivity. She discovered polonium and radium. She was the first person to receive

two Nobel Prizes; the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

5-) Who is Marie Curie?

a) She works in kithcen.

b) She is a woman.

c) She is a pilot

d) She is a Polish physicist and chemist.

6-) What did she discover?

a) She discovered a lot of things.

b) She discovered polonium and radium.

c) She discovered nothing.

d) She discovered her personality.

7-) When did she win the Nobel Prizes?

a) In  1903, 1911

b) In 1905, 1907

c) In 1090, 1586

d) In 1992, 1911


? Who is the person on the picture?

a) Chemist

b) Cosmonaut

c) Scientist

d) Geneticist


9-) Thomas Edison is the ………………… of a light bulb.

a) invent

b) invention

c) inventor

d) inventing

10-) Newton ……………………… gravity.

a) invented

b) founded

c) discovered

d) explored

11-) Use recycled papers _____________ you can save forest.     

a) in case

b) so that

c) although

d) but


12-) How do you go to school?

a) I walk or cycle.

b) I take the bus.

c) My father drives me to school.

d) I go to school flying.


13-) If you’re buying a present, which matters most to you?

a) What is it made of?

b) How much does it cost?

c) Is it eye-catching?

d) It must be super beautiful.


14-) What nature incident is happening in the picture above?

a) forest fire

b) volcanic eruption

c) lightning

d) blizzard


15-) What is volcanic eruption?

a) Walking on volcano

b) Flying over volcano

c) Explosion of a volcano

d) A sleeping volcano


16-) What does the picture tell?

a) Waves are good to surf today.

b) The cars are trying climb over the waves.

c) A tsunami hit the place.

d) The weather is little wet today.

Flooding can happen because of heavy rain, when rivers overflow, when snow melts too fast or dams break. Flooding can be a few centimeters of water, or it can cover a house. Floods which happen quickly are called flashfloods.

17-) Why flooding can happen?

a) when you spit a lot

b) if someone forgets how to stop

c) because of heavy rain, when rivers overflow, when snow melts too fast or dams break.

d) I forgot your question

18-) What do we call to floods which happen quickly?

a) Quick fire

b) Flashfloods

c) Speedy water

d) Fast floods

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