9 THINGS Ultra PRODUCTIVE People Do Every Day

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You get up early, go everywhere on time, work hard and there are still tons of incomplete tasks! How is this even possible? How does everyone else finish every task they have?

Yes, you work hard, you need to efficiently instead and now I am going to give you the secrets of being productive. Ready? Good, let’s begin.


  1. Urgent Can Wait

If you have a work to do, but there are other urgent tasks, skip them. Do what you plan to do first.

  1. Do It Now

Whatever you have to do, do not postpone it. Do it as soon as possible.

  1. Difficult Duties Come First

Don’t waste your time on small task in the morning. Complete the most difficult thing and you will have plenty of time for other small tasks later.

  1. No Multitasking

Try to focus on one thing and finish that one first. After that, you are free for your other tasks.

  1. Get Ready for Tomorrow

Before going to bed, plan your future. Plan for tomorrow and get ready.

  1. Say No

You don’t have to be superman or superwoman. Say no when you have more important things to do. Trust me: you have to say no sometimes.

  1. Check E-mails At Your Own Pace

You can’t walk around with your mobile phone always waiting for an e-mail. Check them the same time every day and do not waste time on e-mails all day.

  1. Morning Routine

You don’t have to wake up super early, but try to have a morning routine for an emptier and ready mind. Don’t just wake up and go out.

  1. Avoid Meetings

Sometimes meetings can be important, but mostly they are a huge waste of time. Be late, leave early, check e-mail while at the meeting. Whatever! Just don’t be stuck in a meeting for too long.


Urgent: Something that is emergent,  that needs to be done first

Task: Duty, something that you need to do

Routine: Things that you do regularly

Avoid: Trying to not do something

Postpone: to cancel


According to the passage, which of the following statements is false?

  1. Urgent comes first, do it first
  2. Meetings should be avoided
  3. Difficult tasks comes first
  4. Saying no helps

If I have a meeting, what should I do?

  1. Be there on time
  2. Leave on time
  3. Listen to everything they talk about
  4. Leave early

Which of the following options are NOT good for a productive person?

  1. Having a morning routine
  2. Checking e-mails all the time
  3. Avoiding meetings
  4. Saying no to people



(1) Urgent comes first, do it first

(4) Leave early

(2) Checking e-mails all the time

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