Are We ADDICTED to Cell Phones?

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Cell phones or mobile phones, what you call them does not matter, we all have one now. Even little kids aged only 10 years old have cell phones these days. Little babies play games on cell phones. Parents try to bargain with their kids to make them do their homework first, before playing with their cell phones.

People everywhere use cell phones all the time and there is wifi everywhere, even on parks outside. It seems like life without wifi is a modern torture and nobody can stay somewhere without wifi for too long. So can we say that we are addicted to cell phones? Are we really unable to live without our phones now? That’s a very difficult question to answer.


First of all, cell phones are very convenient. They are small and you can take them wherever you go. If there is an emergency, you can make a call even in the forest or up on the mountains. It can save people, actually.

Secondly, cell phones are no longer used only as phones. Smart phones are becoming more and more advanced. You can take photos with them. You can use them as dictionaries. You can play games on them. You can find any information on them when wifi is on.

But even with so many benefits, we use cell phones too much. Actually, we are relying on them too much. Imagine when the electricity is gone. What will you do? Everything you do is on your mobile phone and now you cannot charge it. Do you have a dictionary, maybe, or a book that is not an e-book? No. These are inside your mobile phone and now you cannot use it.

Overall, yes cell phones are very convenient. But we use them too much and maybe we are addicted to them. Maybe without them, we don’t know anything. And that’s a dangerous addiction.


Torture: Giving someone too much pain

Benefit: some good for you or for what you are doing

Charge: giving your phone or other electrical devices electricity

Addiction: something that you cannot live without

Convenient: very easy


What can a baby do with a cell phone?

  1. Call people
  2. Use difficult applications
  3. Read e-books
  4. Play games

What does not make a cell phone convenient?

  1. They are small and easy to carry
  2. You can hit someone with them
  3. You can call someone from everywhere
  4. You can take photos with them

When mobile phones are useless?

  1. When it’s dark outside
  2. When there is no electricity and you cannot charge them
  3. When you are sad and you don’t want to go out
  4. When you are at the library studying


(4) Play games

(2) You can hit someone with them

(2) When there is no electricity and you cannot charge them

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