Aydın İngilizce Tanıtımı ( Kısa )


Aydın is a county of Turkey and the 20th most crowded city of the country. It’s located in the Aegean region of Turkey and one of the most developed counties regarding tourism and agriculture. It has a border with İzmir in the north, Manisa in the Northeast, Denizli in the east, Muğla in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. Its population is 1.110.972 due to the reports of 2019 and the 3rd biggest county in the Aegean Region. It has 17 provinces. Its altitude is 64 meters. In Aydın, there are lots of dams so it’s a city blessed with water sources.

A Short History of Aydın

Aydın used to be known as Tralleis and Güzelhisar in history. Its name was changed as Aydın at the era of Aydınoğulları chiefdom founded in 14.th century during the Anatolian Chiefdom times.

It has welcomed different civilizations. Cities like Aphrodisias, Milet, Didyma, Nysa, Priene and Magnesia were among the pioneer antique cities at the time. Aydın of today developed during the Hittites time in 2500 BC and lived its strongest time with the Lydians In 8.th century. It became a Turkish city during the Seljuk era.

Where To Go in Aydın

When you go to Aydın, you can visit Nysa Antique City, Güzelçamlı National Park, Arapapıştı Canyon, Tralleis Antique City, Herakleia Latmos Antique City, Şirince Village, Ali Efe the Yuruk Museum, Aydın Museum, Forum Aydın shopping Mall, Atça Central Park, Aydın Archeological Museum, Serçin Ecotourism Museum, Tire City Museum and Magnesia Antique City.

Tourism in Aydın

Tourism is the second most important income of Aydın after agriculture. It’s visited by nearly 5 million tourists every year. It has beautiful beaches and great natural beauty.

How to Go to Aydın?

It’s possible to drive to Aydın from İzmir. It’s around 195 kilometres from İzmir to Aydın and takes around 2 hours 45 minutes by car. It’s also possible to go to Aydın from İstanbul by car and the distance is 600 kilometres. From Ankara, the capital, it’s 550 kilometres. You can get a flight to one of these cities and then go to Aydın by car or by bus.

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