Balıkesir İngilizce Tanıtımı ( Kısa )


Balıkesir is a county of Turkey and the 17th most populated city of the country. While a part of it is located in the South Marmara Region, the other part is located in the Aegean Region and the city has a border to two seas; the Aegean and Marmara seas. It’s one of the 6 counties being neighbour of the two seas at the same time. It’s located in Northwest Anatolia. Its neighbour counties are Bursa and Kütahya in the east, Manisa and İzmir in the south and Çanakkale in the north. It’s also a neighbour of Lesbos Island of Greece in its province called Ayvalık.

Regarding the 2019 reports, Balıkesir has a population of 1.228.620 people. Its altitude is 145 meters. It has 20 provinces and municipalities. It’s famous with olive, olive oil and its sweet made of unsalted cheese. The 6th and  9th Central Jet Command Posts are located in Balıkesir.

History of Balıkesir

Its name comes from its central province witch is separated in two parts today. Its former name was Karesi and it was changed in 1926 as Balıkesir. There are different stories about the history of this name. It’s said that the Roman Emperor Hadrianus used to go for a hunt around Balıkesir. Then he got a tower built here and this tower was named as Paleo Kastro. It’s believed that the name Balıkesir comes from that name. Paleo Kastro means the old fort. The other story says that the name comes from the Persian commander Balı-Kisra raiding the area.

The research made in Balıkesir showed that the first settlements in the city date back to 8000-3000 BC. In İnboğazı caves located 8 kilometres away from Havran, ruins of Paleolithic, Neolithic and Chalcolithic times were found. It was also a part of Anatolian Seljuks and the Ottoman Empire.

Where To Visit In Balıkesir

In Balıkesir, there are lots of places to visit. It’s visited mostly in the summertime and it has a lot of good beaches which have been awarded. Ida Mountains are the most important natural sources of the city. You can also visit, the Big Clock, Zağnos Paşa Mosque, Yıldırım Mosque, Balıkesir National Forces Museum, Antandros Antique City, Cunda Island, Kyzikos Antique City, Kapıdağ Peninsula, Ida Mountains National Park, Sarımsaklı Beach, Kuşcenneti National Park,  and Gönen.

Tourism in Balıkesir

Sea tourism in Balıkesir is so developed. It’s one of the most important tourism centres in Turkey. There are also historical sites in the county.

How to Go to the City

There are two airports in the city. One of them is in Altıeylül and the other one is in Edremit. Edremit Koca Seyit Airport has been used for international flights since 2010. Altıeylül Balıkesir Airport was opened in 2019. The city has a border with two cities so sea transportation is also a choice. It’s possible to go to the city with Sea Buses. You can also take a train to some stations in the city. From Ayvalık, a province of Balıkesir, it’s also possible to go to Lesbos Island of Greece with ferries. The city also has a great freeway connection. So you can also go to Balıkesir by car or bus.

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