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We have been under the control of the media when it comes to sports. The camera rolls only on the best moments and shows difficult sports like boxing to be hard at first, but very easy at the third day. However, this is just the media. I’m still curious. Boxing: dream or nightmare?


Boxing looks pretty cool from the outside, but for someone who has been training in this particularly dangerous sport, it can be very scary. Sure, it feels good to look powerful with little boxing tricks, muscles and boxing gloves. The moment to put on those gloves, you look harsh. But as much as cool the sport is, it is also very dangerous for your body.

Boxing has strict rules to avoid damage to vital parts of the body, but sometimes people ignore these rules for the sake of winning a game. For example if you take a hit on your head, a very powerful hit, you may lose everything right at that moment. For other parts of your body, you may not know it but internal bleeding may kill you after a few days from the game.

You can use a punching bag for training yourself, punching a simple bag over and over cannot be dangerous at all. You feel good, powerful, tough when you put on those gloves, take of your t-shirt, get your boxing position and punch the bag. Training like crazy, running, jumping, carrying heavy boxes can also make you feel like you are in movie. This is the dreamy part where you feel amazing just for training.

But the nightmare begins at the first boxing match. There is a real human being right in front of you and that human being is trained in boxing as well. What if that boxer hits you so hard and you can never get up?


Tough: Powerful, harsh

Punching bag: A special bag to hit for training

Vital: Having the importance of life and death

Internal: Something that cannot be seen from the outside

Rolling: Shooting a scene


What does the writer mean with the phrase “a dream or a nightmare?”

  1. Whether boxing is real
  2. Whether boxing is good or bad for you
  3. Whether you have dreams about boxing
  4. Whether you have nightmares about box matches

What is the biggest risk of a boxing match?

  1. That you may not look cool enough
  2. That the opponent may not like you
  3. That the match may not be won
  4. That you may get a big hit from the head

In what way does the writer criticize the media?

  1. The writer believes media makes boxing look like an easy dream
  2. The writer suggests media have been following boxers everywhere
  3. The writer argues media is owned by anti-boxing people
  4. The writer criticizes media because the writer hates media


(2) Whether boxing is good or bad for you

(4) That you may get a big hit from the head

(1) The writer believes media makes boxing look like an easy dream


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