Can We Cure Cancer?

Can We Cure Cancer?

There is a reason that whole plot of famous TV series Breaking Bad is on cancer and the main character has it. No matter how expensive it is, in Breaking Bad there is a cure. But do we have a similar cure in real life? Is it just the imagination of screenwriter? Can we cure cancer?

Can We Cure Cancer?

The answer is yes, we can cure cancer. Well, most of them. But the problem is that there are multiple types of cancers and this complicates things a bit. If cancer is diagnosed and a cure is being starter at an early stage, then cancer is certainly curable. But as there are various types of cancers, it is impossible to diagnose or prevent all cancer types.

Preventing cancer is also a very difficult job because different cancers are caused by different factors. Even after the early stage and even with cancer types with a cure, it is still difficult to say that they are 100% curable as people respond differently to treatments.

I am aware that this is not a happy picture as there are still several cancer types with no cure, but researchers are still working on it and trying hard to come up with various treatments from surgery to drugs. As cancer treatments tend to be very expensive, research is also being conducted in order to decrease the amount spent on cancer treatment and make it available to everyone.

But the most important research on cancer is being done on diagnosing it at the earliest stage. Right now our treatments work the best at early stages and if we tackle the problem on how to diagnose various cancer types better, we sure can proudly say we can cure cancer. Modern science and technology still have a long way to go, but we resolutely continue developing new ways to save human kind and in the end we will find a better cure.


Multiple: Many

Resolutely: Decisively

Conduct: To carry out

Diagnose: Identify

Stage: Period


According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

  1. We are still looking for a cancer treatment
  2. Cancer can only be cured through surgery
  3. Cancer treatments tend to be greatly affordable
  4. Diagnosing cancer at an early stage helps curing it

What happens in the famous TV series Breaking Bad that is related to cancer?

  1. The main character has cancer
  2. There is a gang in the series with cancer
  3. The plot depicts a young doctor curing cancer
  4. The series is famous for educating people on diagnosing cancer

How does the passage ends and what does the writer suggests about the future?

  1. The passage ends with a pessimistic note, arguing we will all die of cancer
  2. The passage argues that we humans are useless
  3. The writer concludes with an optimistic sentence believing we will find a cure
  4. The writer suggests that cancer is actually good for humans

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(4) Diagnosing cancer at an early stage helps curing it

(1) The main character has cancer

(3) The writer concludes with an optimistic sentence believing we will find a cure


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