Can We Travel to Mars?

After we conquered the whole world with our concrete hotels and other similar ugly parts of capitalism, we have not left a single spot that is not discovered by humans. This is a sad truth for humanity, because there is nowhere to escape to now. But this also raised a common question: can we travel to Mars?


Yes, we want to discover undiscovered places and these include the whole galaxy. That’s why we want to go to the space and take on new adventures. Mars, the red planet, have been intriguing us for a long while. But it is too early, scientists say.

According to scientists, we will be able to travel to Mars in around 2030’s. And I’m not talking about building a hotel on Mars to enjoy the view. In 2030’s, we will be able to send an astronaut that will return to the earth in the end.

In order to achieve the goal of colonizing the other planets, we still have a long way to go and most probably our generation will not be able to see it happen. But for now, we will continue our research on how to travel to the space.

What might happen if we successfully travel to Mars? Is it true that Mars was just like planet earth in its past? Can we feed humans in Mars? Is there oxygen in Mars? All of these questions need to be answered before we succeed in travelling to Mars and colonizing it.

Before that happens, it looks like there will be more movies like “The Martian” in which an astronaut left in space succeeds in producing food enough for him to survive for a long time. We will continue to dream about travelling to Mars and one day, we will succeed.


Achieve: To be successful

Survive: To continue to live in tough conditions

Intrigue: To increase our curiosity and fascinate us

Undiscovered: Somewhere still not discovered

Common: Found often


According to the passage, when is the estimated time for humans to travel to Mars?

  1. Around 2030’s
  2. Before 2030’s
  3. After 2030’s
  4. Exactly in 2030

Why do humans want to travel to space?

  1. For sightseeing purposes
  2. To create a new country there
  3. To discover undiscovered places
  4. To direct a movie there

According to the writer, which of the following statements is true?

  1. Humans do not want to colonize Mars
  2. Humans have already travelled to Mars
  3. Ordinary humans can travel to Mars in 2030
  4. An astronaut may be sent to Mars in around 2030’s

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(1) Around 2030’s

(3) To discover undiscovered places

(4) An astronaut may be sent to Mars in around 2030’s


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