Cheery WINTER Salads

Cheery WINTER Salads

When the days are short, the sun is mostly out of sight and it raining all the time, your mood tends to get effected by this whole “dark days” of winter. How will you fix this? What can cheer you up in these dark days where everything is grey and your life is even grayer, because you need to go to work. Alas, winter combined with a full-time job is the new curse of human kind! But we have something to cheer you up: cheery winter salads.

Cheery WINTER Salads

A good cup of coffee or hot chocolate is always a great idea when it is cold outside, but these options are not very colorful or healthy. So we suggest you to finish drinking your daily cup of coffee, get energy, go to groceries shopping and come back for a colorful salad that will help you both mentally and physically.

Lentil Salad with Roasted Vegetables

We all know how good lentil is for health, but lentil soup is boring, especially in winter. So for all those adventurous people out there who are too bored to cook some soup, here is lentil salad for you. It is pretty simple: just boil your lentil and roast whatever vegetables you like. Mixing them in the end and adding up olive oil with some spices will result in a healthy delicacy.

Orange and Radish Salad

Orange is something with lots of vitamin C in it, so you need to eat it regularly when it’s cold outside. But you can also use that winter fruit and radish to create an unusual salad. The tip here is to cut the orange and the radish in circle forms so that you will create an artsy looking salad that is also tasty and very, very healthy. Adding some mint would make your salad perfect.


Delicacy: Special Food

Unusual: Not ordinary, exotic

Out of sight: Cannot be seen

To roast: To cook in the oven

Regularly: Frequently


According to the passage, which of the following ingredients can be consumed both as soup and salad?

  1. Orange
  2. Radish
  3. Lentil
  4. Mint

What does the writer think about salads?

  1. They are boring
  2. They are only for losing weight
  3. They are not different from junk food
  4. They are healthy and tasty

How is the winter defined in the first part of the passage?

  1. As dark and depressing
  2. As full of fun
  3. As great time to contemplate on existentialism
  4. As good excuse leaving your job and travelling the world

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(3) Lentil

(4) They are healthy and tasty

(1) As dark and depressing


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