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Oh no, you made the wrong decision! Don’t be upset, everyone makes bad decisions from time to time. In fact, everyone really makes bad decisions, it is even scientifically proven. But why exactly do we make these bad decisions?


It turns out it is not a DNA thing, but a psychological flaw instead. Research suggests that there are some biases that affect our decision-making process. And here are some of them:

Choice-supportive Bias

Now this type is pretty simple. You make a choice. After you make that choice, your brain thinks it is flawless. Somehow your brain believes this decision is a good decision because you choose it and you feel very positive about it. Maybe our choice is problematic, but your brain won’t tell you that. Be careful, your brain might be your enemy.

Confirmation Bias

Sometimes we already have some opinions. And suddenly we get new information that tells us we are very, very wrong. But do you know what we do? We do not listen to that information. Because we must be right and that information is sure to be wrong. Be smart, brain.


Overconfidence, I love this word. It means you are too confident, you believe in yourself way too much. You overdo it. So you believe in yourself so much that you take bigger risks than you can actually handle. And boom! You shouldn’t believe in yourself that much.

Bandwagon Effect

OK, read very carefully. Now this one happens a lot. In this bias, we tend to believe something because there are a huge number of people believing in that, too. There are too many people who do not believe in climate change ad this makes us think climate change is not serious. It is very serious, we just don’t see it clearly because of this effect.


To prove: Show the truth by evidence

Bias: Usually unfair prejudice against someone or something

Suggest: Put some idea forward for someone

Overdo: Doing something too much

Flawless: Without flaw or fault


Why do we make bad decisions?

  1. Due to a flaw in our DNA
  2. Due to our human nature
  3. Due to enemy aliens
  4. Due to a psychological flaw

We think positive about our choices even if they are problematic and this is called…

  1. Confirmation Bias
  2. Overconfidence
  3. Choice-supportive bias
  4. Bandwagon effect

Which of the following make people believe in something because so many others believe in it?

  1. Confirmation Bias
  2. Overconfidence
  3. Choice-supportive bias
  4. Bandwagon effect


(4) Due to a psychological flaw

(3) Choice-supportive bias

(4) Bandwagon effect



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