Computer Games and KIDS

Computer Games and KIDS

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There is a general misunderstanding among parents: computer games are bad for children. This idea is also supported by media on a frequent basis and people think that all violent kids are byproducts of computer games. This, however, is very wrong. Today we will discuss computer games and kids.

Computer Games and KIDS

With the shootings and violence in public high schools, modern society tends to believe that this new teen-violence is an outcome of technology and computer games. Sure, there are plenty of violent computer games in which the player holds a gun and shoots people randomly. But this does not mean the players of these games are going to be killers. There is a deeper problem that lies beneath.

A kid plays computer games mostly due to a lack of other activities to do. Maybe it is as simple as rain outside, or maybe that kid is not socially very good. It may even be due to problems at home such as abusive parents. A person turns away from real life and faces a computer screen every day to avoid thinking of real life. This makes the problem of violence deeper than just blaming it on computer games.

Another issue with making the computer games a major problem is that not all computer games are violent. In fact, only a small percent of computer games can be describes as violent. There are other games in which you are a hero that saves the lives of others. There are also role playing games in which your character in the game is a social outcast and is trying to find the meaning of life while going through a number of adventures.

In conclusion, computer games cannot be solely responsible from the increase of modern day violence in public schools. The problem is way deeper than that.


Solely: Only

Increase: To become greater in amount

Plenty of: A lot of

Outcome: Result

However: But


What does the writer suggest about the idea that computer games create violence?

  1. That it is proven by facts
  2. That it is a wrong idea
  3. That most kids believe it
  4. That society opposes to it

Which of the following statements can be concluded from the above passage?

  1. All computer games are violent
  2. Most parents support computer games
  3. Computer games are very cheap and available everywhere
  4. The majority of computer games do not include visible violence

What other reasons does the writer suggest for teen-violence?

  1. Lack of social skills and problems in the house
  2. The existential crises of a teenager
  3. Sunny weather that invites you outside
  4. Parents buying their kids lots of computer games


(2) That it is a wrong idea

(4) The majority of computer games do not include visible violence

(1) Lack of social skills and problems in the house


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