Culture: Why It’s The Hottest TOPIC In BUSINESS Today

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Culture is the hottest topic in business today. Do you know why? We do.

In an ever-changing world, everything is changing with a fast pace. Countries are globalizing, people consider leaving their home-country and live abroad, recent-graduates with ivy-league college degrees choose to travel around the world and postpone work-life. Everything is different now.


In the past, there was only one path: go to school, graduate with the best GPA possible, work hard and get an entry-level job, work harder and climb up the stairs to better positions, get married in the process, get kids and tell them to do the same. Well, things are different now, my friend.

Gradually more and more people realize that life is short and all the money we attained will not work out if we are too busy to spend them. Hence, this generation does not look for the best position in the best possible company. They are looking for the best job that will cultivate their culture in the process.

These people do not care if their wages are lower. They want to like where they work, love what they do. They want a meaningful life leading somewhere positive both for the person and for the society.

Big companies who are in great need to hire the best people all around the world have to figure something out and attract these people. Cubicles don’t work, so these companies use culture instead. They offer free books, flight tickets with reduced costs, environmental-friendly and stress-free work-places. They use special mottos like “freedom with responsibility” and give their employees space.

These companies finally understand that people do not work like robots. They need to feel what they are doing is meaningful and that they are valued. And this is provided by culture that the company invests in order to attract and keep the best people available.


Postpone: To cancel something and do it later

Cultivate: Improve abstract characteristics of a person

Ivy-league: Eight higher education institutions with best education available in U.S.A.

Stress-free: Something that does not create any stress

Wage: Salary that you get paid monthly


What is the difference between this generation of people and the past one?

  1. This generation gets married too easily
  2. The past generation was too care-free
  3. This generation wants a meaningful job
  4. The past generation travels around the world all the time

According to the passage, why do the big companies have to change their strategy?

  1. To attract the best people possible
  2. They change their strategy every decade
  3. They think changes are good
  4. Big companies don’t know what they are doing with their budget

According to the passage, what is culture exactly?

  1. Culture is to have a lot of information on everything
  2. Culture can be understood as a local culture
  3. Culture is the atmosphere in a workplace that is satisfying to the needs of the new generation
  4. Culture is to be able to speak in as many languages as possible

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(3) This generation wants a meaningful job

(1) To attract the best people possible

(3) Culture is the atmosphere in a workplace that is satisfying to the needs of the new generation



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