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Surface Area: 12,134 km 2

Population: 1,037.208

Districts: Acıpayam, Babadağ, Balkan, Bekilli, Beyağaç, Bozkurt, Buldan, Çal, Çameli, Çardak, Çivril, Güney, Honaz, Kale, Merkezefendi, Pamukkale, Sarayköy, Serinhisar, Tavas

What to Eat: Among the original dishes of the city , we can count rice soup, Keşkek, dry beans, chickpeas, wrapped, stuffed, bulgur pilaf, zucchini, onion stew .


What to Buy: All Denizli fabrics, especially Buldan patterned, colorful, silvery, cotton, silk garments and furnishings have a great reputation and are displayed and sold in stores.


History: We see a city structure dating back to 3,000 B.C. by  the Luvi Civilization. Denizli, which was taken in 2,500 years, became a homeland for the Hittites, Frikians, Lydians, Persians, Macedonian Kingdom, Pergamon Kingdom, Roman State, Turks, Byzantines and Ottoman civilizations, and it has gained pieces  from all these different cultures and has reached today.

We come across as other names of Denizli  in historical sources. It was recorded as “Ladik” in the Seljuk records and “Tunguzlu” in the Travel Book of Ibni Batuta . Şerafettin Zemdi, who wrote Timurlenk’s victory, mentions two names, “Tenguzlug” and “Tonguzlug”. The word Tengiz means sea in ancient Turkish. Tunguzlu means Denizli with its current spelling. As a result, the name Denizli has taken its present form as the words Tenguzlu and Tunguzlu gradually became word-of-mouth, “Denizli”.

Places to visit:

Mount Honaz National Park

Located at the highest point in the Aegean Region, Honaz National Park contains dozens of endemic plant species. Honaz Mountain National Park, which is the perfect example of Denizli’s natural beauties, is the region that is among the most popular nature places for explorer spirited travelers who are interested in this botanical area and offers you a beautiful nature tour with its exquisite oxygen .

Akhan Caravanserai

This caravanserai with architectural features of the Seljuk period has witnessed the history of Denizli since the 13th century . The space used mainly by white colours has survived to the present day and continues to serve as one of the most popular points of Denizli .

Keloğlan Cave

According to legend, a shepherd named Keloğlan, who lives in the region, enters this cave on a rainy  day . But it goes so deep that it loses its exit. His acquaintances begin to look for him and find him with his hair and beards are elongated in  the cave. This story was the subject of the movies and made its name known. Visiting this famous cave, which is the source of the Keloğlan story, will be an interesting Denizli sightseeing stop.

Servergazi Tomb

The tomb, which belongs to Server Gazi, the commander of Seljuk, who was martyred during the conquest of Denizli in 1210, is frequently visited due to its great moral importance . We recommend that you put it in your list of places to see in Denizli.

St. Philippe Martyrion Church 

Because of being is one of the 12 apostles of Jesus , St. Philippe Martyrion Church   is especially popular with those with a Christian faith. He went to the region in 80 AD to spread this religion. Philippe died in this area and was buried in the place where the church was located .

Yeşildere Waterfall

This Yeşildere Waterfall, flowing from a height of 55 meters , is an excellent example of the natural beauties of Denizli. You should definitely add Denizli landmarks to your list .

Acıpayam Yazır Mosque

With its historical dating back to 1301, this historical place continues to maintain its authenticity for more than 700 years. This mosque, which reflects the motifs of its era in the best way , is also one of the rare wood poled  structures built in the 13th century.

Denizli Ufo Museum 

It is ranked 4th in the world in size after the UFO museums in America, Japan and England . Denizli Ufo Museum, which is a frequent destination for those who want to experience an extraordinary trip with its Ufo history and works , opens its doors to the valuable guests with its exciting and fascinating atmosphere .

Laodicea Ancient City 

It is thought that the foundations of Denizli’s shining in the field of textile have been laid in Laodicia Ancient City 2,300 years ago.  So that Laodikya, the leading trade and financial center of its period, is a worthy visit to Denizli, which reveals the economic areas of centuries ago.


Pamukkale (Hierapolis) Travertine

Natural wonders of Pamukkale Thermal Pools, which takes the first place among the icons of Denizli and Turkey. Crystallized the limestone in the water as a result of the carbon dioxide flying in the water sources, the travertines offer one of the most attractive structures of the nature. With its appearance resembling a cotton field, it offers an opportunity to experience an extraordinary experience where you will feel yourself in a dream ride . This region is also on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Pamukkale is one of the places that you must see before you die with its fascinating beauty.

Tekkeköy Hot Spring

The hot springs, located within the borders of Sarayköy district, are located at a point that can be reached easily. It has valuable water sources that heal skin, rheumatism, urinary tract and gynecological diseases. When it is evaluated in terms of thermal tourism, it is one of the leading places .

Transportation: Visitors who want to come to Denizli, which is located at the junction of Aegean highways, can provide transportation by using airline, highway and railway.

Highway : Denizli can be reached from all over the country by road. The bus terminal  is in the city center.

By Air: The airport is located in Çardak District , 65 km from the city ​​center .

Railway:  There is a connection with the provinces of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir by rail. The railway that follows the Denizli-Aydın-İzmir highway provides the connection of the city with İzmir. There are daily trips from İzmir, Eskişehir, Aydın Söke to Denizli Train Station.

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