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Italy, Milan. Such a sunny, beautiful place… Maybe this is why people in Milan tend to have a better understanding of colors and a better ability to use them in design. Here in today’s article, our topic will be a dispatch from Milan.

Scandinavians are known for their unusual style and taste in design. They even created an affordable brand for normal households: IKEA. But Danish Hay design is another example of Scandinavian taste in excellent style. You can find this designing company in a pelota gymnasium.


Another artsy name is Casa Marimekko. There will be an entire apartment that you can visit to see this beautiful style and it ranges from everyday utilities to textiles.

Nendo, a Japanese studio, uses the strength of Japan and gets its ideas from Japanese manga. The studio will present 50 different chairs and all of them will be symbols from different manga series. If you love Japanese manga and anime, you can get one of these chairs to decorate your home.

Another notable name from Milan is HEM. The company is very modest in its definition and only claims to be a contemporary furniture designer for home and office. But we believe they are more than that. The chic and modern looks of this design company is not only beautiful, but also practical. So this is a win-win!

Although all of these brands are equally beautiful, our pick is Society Limonta Milano. This luxury brand specialized in textile and has a range of linens from table clothes to accessories like bags. With thousands of different color options, you can just walk into one of their branches and choose your favorite textile for any part of your home. We especially loved bed covers and quilts.


Entire: Whole

Range from: Vary or extend

Modest: Moderate in assuming abilities

Chic: Very elegant

Linen: Cloth


How does the Japanese brand Nendo differ from others?

  1. It uses its culture of manga
  2. It uses good design
  3. It works with textiles
  4. It has a very contemporary style

Which of the following companies is the favorite of the writer?

  1. Nendo
  2. Casa Marimekko
  3. Danish Hay
  4. Society Limonta

Which of the following companies is known for both being chic and being practical?

  1. Nendo
  2. Danish Hay
  3. Hem
  4. IKEA


(1) It uses its culture of manga

(4) Society Limonta

(3) Hem


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