Do You React or Respond to Your KIDS

Parenting has always been a difficult task. You are responsible from tiny humans running around and you do not find that horrifying? C’mon, be true to yourself! It is worth all the struggle, but being a parent can be a nightmare sometimes. Plus, the stress of city life, a full-time job and all the fees… Oh boy!


So we all agree that parenting can be difficult and everyone has their limits. But, there is a certain difference in how you handle this difficult task. What I mean to say is “reacting” and “responding” are two different things. And whether you react or respond will influence your kid in way you have never imagined.

This looks complicated, ha? OK, let me give you some examples. Imagine your kid is crying non-stop and you are in public. You are tired and stressed. You have had enough. So you scream at your kid and say: “Stop crying!” I understand you, I really do, but what you have done is “reacting”. You have reacted to your kid’s behavior and did nothing else.

Let’s say you did not scream like that. Let’s say you still have a tiny bit of patience in you. So instead of screaming, you say: “you look upset, need a hug?” This, my friend, is called responding. You did not react to the behavior of your kid and added up to the chaos, you responded in a positive way and tried to solve the problem.

I need to make a warning here: choosing to respond instead of reacting is not easy. So don’t think that you are a horrible parent if you are not able to respond sometimes. It is OK, you are a human being. Just be aware of these two different parenting methods and try to “respond” most of the time.


Chaos: Complete disorder and confusion

React: Doing something after being exposed to an act

Respond: Doing something as an answer to an act

Nightmare: Bad visions you see when you sleep

Struggle: Making effort to achieve something


Which of the following statements does not make parenting difficult?

  1. City-life
  2. Full-time job
  3. Stress
  4. Me-time

When a parent screams “stop crying” to a crying kid, what type of parenting is that?

  1. Reacting
  2. Responding
  3. Roaring
  4. Reading

According to the passage, how can we define “responding”?

  1. Giving a solution to the situation
  2. Screaming at kids
  3. Bribing your kid to stop crying
  4. Leaving your kid outside

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(4) Me-time

(1) Reacting

(1) Giving a solution to the situation


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