Democracy is thought to be the best possible administration method in our modern world. “Civilized” countries in the Western part of the world are all democracies and are praising it in every part of their education system. But the economics of elections points to the other side of the medallion.

money money money

I am sure it is already a huge cliché, but money wins all the time. You win at life if your parents are rich: you live in the best possible living conditions, go to the best schools and spend money on extras such as language education abroad.

You may be very hard-working or a good student, but these qualities do not matter if you are poor. Your balance in your or your parents (same thing, to be honest) influences your life more than your intentions or endeavors.

Well, same thing applies to democracy. If you are rich, somehow you win half the battle. The other half may be tough, but at least you are in better conditions compared to your rivals lacking your financial status.

Elections are huge marketing endeavors sponsored by invisible figures that want a say in the governance. Hence, they pay for the election campaign, pay for the promises made by the candidate.

Another side to the issue is the state of the actual economy of the country. It does not really matter if the candidate is likeable or a good person at heart. Great personalities do not solve the problem of unemployment.

So the state of the economy is actually the major principle that makes people vote for some certain candidate. Nobody cares if a bad economy was the result of the former government and not the current government. If it’s bad, the ruler has to go.

Yes, money again decides the future of our lives.


Endeavor: A very deep effort

Candidate: Someone who is nominated for election

Cliché: A phrase or idea that is used too much

Likeable: Someone or something easy to be liked by others

Intentions: An aim or a plan


According to the passage, what condition alone can make you win all the time?

  1. Being very handsome or beautiful
  2. Being lucky all the time
  3. Being a genius and outsmart everyone
  4. Being rich

According to the passage, what is one of the qualities of elections?

  1. Elections are always unfair
  2. Elections are like marketing campaigns
  3. Elections can be tough to organize
  4. Elections are overrated, just like democracy itself

Which of the following statements are false?

  1. A candidate loses even if the economy is good
  2. Money influences the election campaign directly
  3. If you have enough money, you win at life
  4. Nobody cares about a good personality without money

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(4) Being rich

(2) Elections are like marketing campaigns

(1) A candidate loses even if the economy is good



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