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Self-reflection, also known as self-awareness, is an important skill that works as an alarm which can warm the person when there is something wrong. It may be about learning or about that person’s character. It may be anything about that person, but being aware of oneself and the ability to self-reflect is an enormous gift. This is why today we will discuss encouraging self-reflection of kids.


One of the biggest benefits of being self-aware is that a person knows their strengths and weaknesses. For kids, this becomes even more important. But how does one achieve that goal? The answer is very simply: by communicating.

Parents have an immense power on how their kids think. In fact they have such a power that they are the source shaping young brains. Hence, parents have the ability to talk their kids to being self-aware. Parents can openly talk about their own weaknesses and encourage their kid to imitate them.

Another benefit of being self-aware or having the ability to self-reflect is that you can recognize other people’s feelings or needs. When someone gains the ability to observe their own feelings or needs, they can apply the same thing to others, as well. This may sound trivial at first, but the ability to sympathize with others is a fascinating social skill.

Parents or school teachers are strongly advised to encourage self-reflection both by their own acts and by communicating this way of thinking whenever possible. Kids may be young, but they can comprehend these things.

Do not wait for your kid to grow up a bit before communicating ideas encouraging self-reflection, do it slowly but start at a young age. Self-reflection is the key to a healthy childhood and adulthood. Self-reflection is also the key for a better society that not only lives together but is also supportive of its members.


Trivial: Not important

Comprehend: Understand

Enormous: Very big, huge

Fascinating: Amazing

Hence: Therefore


According to the passage, which of the following statements is not a benefit of self-reflection?

  1. Being aware of one’s weaknesses
  2. Being aware of one’s strengths
  3. Being aware of one’s bank balance
  4. Being aware of other people’s needs or feelings

Which of the following statements is advised to parents for encouraging self-reflection in kids?

  1. Yelling at them to be self-aware
  2. Communicating with them on self-reflection
  3. Forcing them to what videos on self-awareness
  4. Buying them books and telling them to read those books

What does the writer think about the connection between the age of the kid and self-reflection?

  1. The writer argues that no matter how young, kids can comprehend self-reflection
  2. The writer suggests that older kids are better at being self-aware
  3. The writer advises parents to attend to self-reflection courses
  4. The writer thinks young kids cannot possible understand self-awareness

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(3) Being aware of one’s bank balance

(2) Communicating with them on self-reflection

(1) The writer argues that no matter how young, kids can comprehend self-reflection


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