Entry INTO US for Green Card Holders

İngiliz İngilizcesi mi Amerikan İngilizcesi mi?

Even with so many years after the original discovery of the new continent, American dream still continues for many generations and it looks like this trend will continue. But the big issue is still this: Entry into US for green card holders.

You know how it is in the traffic: you have to stop when the light is red, wait and get ready when it is yellow and you are finally allowed to drive when it is green. Green Card is not really different from this. Basically it means that you are allowed to live and work inside US on a permanent basis. The term is actually an informal version of a United States Permanent Residence Card.

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The card also means that the holder has all the benefits of an immigrant. It is not like a visa, it give the holder every right an immigrant can have, while a visa can be limited to some benefits and rights for a short term.

Now that the presidency has changed, the rights of a green card holder have changed, as well. For example the rights of seven countries have been taken away. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia cannot use their green card benefits and enter the country for 90 days now. Even though the court stopped this travel ban immediately, the situation of these seven countries is still a gray area.

If you are not from one of the above-mentioned seven countries, your green card holder benefits will not be influenced by the new regulation and you will still be able to enter the US and work there on a permanent basis. But if you are from one of these seven countries or maybe from another Muslim country, your green card may turn its color into red any time.


Immediately: Very quickly

New regulation: New rules or directive

Permanent: For a long time, opposite of temporary

Allow: To let someone do something

Issue: An important topic


According to the passage, which of the following countries has no problems with its green card?

  1. Somalia
  2. Iraq
  3. China
  4. Libya

Which of the following rights does not apply to a green card holder?

  1. To be able to live in US forever
  2. To be able to work in US
  3. To be able to live in US
  4. To be able to enter US

What triggered the new travel ban?

  1. New presidency
  2. New outlook of life
  3. New information on the future
  4. New foreign relations

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(3) China

(1) To be able to live in US forever

(1) New presidency


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