Gastronomy of Normandy

France, how beautiful you are. With the music of your language, your unique culture and food, how attractive you are! Today our topic is gastronomy of Normandy, a region in Northern France.

With suitable farmlands and a Mediterranean climate which cannot be found easily in other parts of Europe, France developed a unique cuisine of its own. Especially in Normandy, the traits of French cuisine can be seen easily.

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In this article, we will discuss two of its famous traits: regional cheese such as Camembert, Livarot and Pont-L’Evêque and a special cream sauce a la norniande. After reading this, you will feel as if you can speak French, trust me.

Thanks to its rich farming area with a suitable climate, there are so many vegetables that can be eaten raw. French wine is also very good. Hence, there is this culture in France: eating raw vegetables accompanied with French cheese. This is why French are very good at cheese making.

Camembert, Livarot and Pont-L’Evêque are all special to Normandy region and they go great with freshly baked bread and French wine. Camembert is a soft, creamy cheese that goes back to 18th century. It was first produced at Camembert in Northern France, which is why it is named after the place. Livarot and Pont-L’Evêque are the same. They are also named after places located in Northern France.

Cream sauce a la norniande is yet another delicacy of Northern France and literally translates as “cream sauce of Normandy”. Fish, chicken, beef… anything can be served with this white-colored creamy sauce, but I personally recommend chicken with apples. I know, apples, right? But it tastes so good with this sauce on it, it is unbelievable!

Write these French names of cheese and sauce down so that next time you visit Normandy, you can try them.


Trait: Characteristic, quality

Delicacy: A special type of local food

Accompany: Be present at the same time, be with

Gastronomy: The art of cooking and eating good food

Attractive: Pleasing to the senses


According to the passage, how are French cheese names created?

  1. According to their taste
  2. According to their inventor
  3. According to their place of origin
  4. According to random words

According to the passage, how do the French prefer their wine?

  1. With beef
  2. With beer
  3. With snails
  4. With cheese

What makes France suitable for wine and cheese making?

  1. Its special climate
  2. Its special culture
  3. Its unique language
  4. Its unique people

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(3) According to their place of origin

(4) With cheese

(1) Its special climate

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