Gastronomy Route of ANATOLIA

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Turkey is famous for its delicious cuisine. This generous country has an old culture of food. From various types of meat to different vegetables, Turkish cuisine offers good food for even the pickiest of its visitors.

Although every single city enjoys a special kind of food in Turkey, we will focus on central Anatolia and examine hidden secrets from unknown cities there.


Take Turkish dumplings, for example. Turkish dumplings are very small and contain beef inside. They are special because they are served with yoghurt and a delicious tomato sauce on top of everything. You have probably seen or even eaten Turkish dumplings, but did you know that most delicious Turkish dumplings are from an ancient city in Anatolia called Kayseri? Yes, Kayseri dumplings, known as “Kayseri mantısı” in local language, are one of the most famous and delicious dumpling in Turkey and a special type of food Anatolia offers.

Another special type is “Çibörek”, Chebureki. With Crimean Tatars living in the region of Central Anatolia, this amazing food is pretty famous among locals. It is a deep fried turn-over with minced meat and onions. Best served with a salty sour “ayran”, “çibörek” is an ancient delicacy. While it can be found anywhere in central Anatolian region of Turkey, Eskişehir enjoys one of the best “çibörek”’s you can eat.

We are getting really hungry even by writing this text, we should finish writing and go eat something. OK, one last delicious Anatolian food and we are done.

“Keşkek”, also known as Kaskhak, is a meat or chicken and wheat or barley stew. With meat or chicken on top of stewed wheat or barley, and maybe some vegetables or yoghurt on the side, “keşkek” is both healthy and delicious at the same time.

This type of food can be found in any Anatolian region city, but our favorite is in Çorum.


Cuisine: Food of a special type

Picky: Someone who does not eat everything

Minced: Meat or vegetable cut in very small pieces

Delicacy: A special and expensive type of food

Ancient: Very, very old


Traditional Turkish dumplings are served with…

  1. Salad and bread
  2. Yoghurt and lemon
  3. Chicken soup
  4. Yoghurt and tomato sauce

Which Turkish city is one of the cities famous for its “çibörek” restaurants?

  1. Çorum
  2. Eskişehir
  3. Kayseri
  4. Adana

According to the passage, Crimean Tatars living in Turkey are famous with

  1. Their special dumplings
  2. Their delicious stewed meat and wheat
  3. Their cheburek with minced meat and onions
  4. Their “çibörek” with minced cheese and vegetables


(4) Yoghurt and tomato sauce

(2) Eskişehir

(3) Their cheburek with minced meat and onions


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