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It may sound very ordinary, but hear me out: we spend half of our lives sleeping and a good sleep greatly influences the day afterwards. So sleep may be the easiest, laziest activity of all time, but it is not an issue to be underestimated. Here we picked some good bedtime habits for you to benefit from in your daily sleep.


Read a Random Book

I don’t want to sound like your mum, but reading before sleeping is a pretty beneficial activity. If you read a book that does not have any relation to your daily job, your mind will both rest and get ready for sleep. You will also get away from a possible stress from your daily routine, because you will start sleeping with other unrelated issued in your mind.

Brush Your Teeth and Drink Water

OK, I’m not going to elaborate “brush your teeth” point in the title, we all know how important and essential that is. But did you know when you sleep, your body loses lots of water and it would be healthy to drink water both before going to bed and after getting up? Now you know it, get your glass of water before bed.


You don’t have to be a Yoga master or the last air-bender to meditate. What I mean here is to sit or lie down in a very comfy way, close your eyes and breath without thinking about the bills you have to pay, the full-time job you hate or the morning traffic. Empty the glass of stress and free your mind for a better sleep.

Open the Windows

This one is the easiest of all. Yes, you guessed right, all you need to do is to open the windows and let the oxygen get inside the room where you will sleep. Oxygen makes it easier for people to sleep.


Essential: Very important

Comfy: A comfortable position

Beneficial: Something that is good for you

To elaborate: To give details about something

To rest: To relax


Why should we drink water before bed?

  1. Because the writer said so
  2. Because your mum says so
  3. Because water makes your skin glow
  4. Because your body loses water while sleeping

According to the passage, which of the following statements is not true?

  1. Brushing your teeth is not really necessary
  2. Drinking water after getting up is good for your body
  3. Meditating does not need to be very professional
  4. Oxygen is good for a good night’s sleep

What kind of book does the writer suggest to be read before bed?

  1. Fantastic fiction
  2. Science Fiction
  3. Romantic Comedy
  4. Any book unrelated to your daily job


(4) Because your body loses water while sleeping

(1) Brushing your teeth is not really necessary

(4) Any book unrelated to your daily job


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