Healthy Snacks for VALENTINES Day

Valentine’s Day may be your long-waited special day, if you have a date. If not, you can skip this article and read another one in our website. OK, beloved non-single people of the world, here are some healthy snacks for Valentine’s Day for you.


Heart Shaped Eggs

Valentine’s is a whole day, you can start the day with an amazing breakfast. In fact, getting up earlier than your soul-mate and preparing some tasty and healthy breakfast for him or her would be the best beginning of this special day. The rest of the breakfast can be as usual, but we suggest a heart-shaped boiled egg. Frying your egg in a heart form would also be a good idea.

Dark Chocolate Fruit Hearts

This one is a real Valentine’s special snack. It doesn’t really matter, but choosing from a fruit in the color of red would be just perfect like a strawberry or a red apple. Just melt a very dark chocolate in the oven and dip the fruits in it. When your lover takes a bite out of these tasty fruits, the red color will show underneath the dark chocolate, which is a beautiful metaphor for love itself.

Heart-Shaped Bread with Strawberry Jam

This very-easy-to-do snack can be eaten in the morning, as well, but it would be better with an afternoon tea. Just get a simple white bread and cut in the shape of a circle. After that, cut out another part from the bread and make a heart shape in only one of the breads. Put the circle on the table and get strawberry jam on it, and for the last part of this delicious snack, put the heart-shaped bread on top of it all. There you go, now you have a little sandwich of pure love!


Delicious: Tasty

Beloved: Someone who is loved

Metaphor: Something with a symbolic meaning

To prepare: To make something ready to use

To fry: To cook in hot fat


According to the passage, what does the writer suggest for single people?

1.       To get a date immediately

2.       To stop reading and find to read something else

3.       To protest Valentine’s Day

4.       To organize a Single’s Day

What do you need to make a “sandwich of pure love”?

1.       Dark chocolate

2.       Strawberry and chocolate

3.       Boiled eggs

4.       Bread and strawberry jam

Which of the following snacks is defined as a metaphor of love?

1.       Dark chocolate with fruits

2.       Bread with strawberry jam

3.       Heart-shaped boiled eggs

4.       Fried eggs in heart-shape

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(2) To stop reading and find something else to read

(4) Bread and strawberry jam

(1) Dark chocolate with fruits



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