Although there are many mega cities with thousands of people in every one of them, people are less close to each other. This is the case both metaphorically and literally, but not being literally side by side does not mean a relationship cannot work. Here is how cyber relationship works.


Mutual Trust

For a cyber relationship to work out, the first thing that needs to be established is not love, but trust. Sure, love is great as well. But how do you know there is real love when all you see is a computer screen? So trust must be established first, then the lovers can trust in their mutual love.

Deep Understanding

When a relationship is cyber, talking about daily stuff all the time can be boring. Well, boring is OK, but it does not help the relationship. Understanding each other at a deeper level creates a metaphoric bond between the two that does not need a face-to-face relationship.

Frequent Contact

Not seeing one another requires frequent contact and without that, it is very easy to forget each other. Cyber relationships are only possible when there is contact in between. As there is no personal contact, keeping in touch through communication applications and talking about simple things is a great way to appreciate the existence of each other. Cyber or not, love is love.

Talking About the Future

When your relationship gets serious, cyber relationships come to a turning point: continue or change? Couples experiencing a cyber relationship come to a conclusion on maybe coming face to face. There are many couples that have met online and after a few years, have decided to continue their relationship in the real life. Cyber beginnings, happy endings…


Contact: Communication

Cyber: Related to the internet

Appreciate: Understand fully

Couples: Two people in love

Bond: Relationship


According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

  1. Cyber relationships cannot work
  2. Frequent contact is needed to keep a cyber relationship
  3. Couples on a cyber relationship never meet
  4. Cyber relationships are not real

What does the writer mean by “talking about the future”?

  1. About the future of humans
  2. About a better future for their kids
  3. About the future of their cyber relationship
  4. About a metaphoric future

According to the passage, what can be said about trust in a cyber relationship?

  1. That trust comes first, not love
  2. That trust comes second and love is always first
  3. That trust is of minor importance for a cyber relationship
  4. That couples in a cyber relationship cannot trust each other

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(2) Frequent contact is needed to keep a cyber relationship

(3) About the future of their cyber relationship

(1) That trust comes first, not love


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