How Do Eels Create ELECTRICITY?

How Do Eels Create ELECTRICITY?

Eels are already weird creatures with their eerie look, but they can also create electricity. No, I’m not kidding here, these strange-looking little snakes can generate actual electricity. But how do eels create electricity?

First of all, what we want to know is how eels can generate electricity, but not get a shock out of it. I mean, the electricity is inside them, how come they are not hurt or not damaged by it? It seems there is a solid scientific explanation to this: highly specialized nervous system that generates large electric currents.

How Do Eels Create ELECTRICITY?

When the body gives the command to generate electricity, the whole nervous system generates it at the same time and all the cells in the body are included. So the case is as simple as how a battery works: some cells work like the negative side in a battery and others work like a positive side. Hence, the eel does not have a shock.

Another interesting phenomenon comes from the natural habitat of the eels. So eels live in water and we all know water creates additional outlets to the electricity current the eel just generated, so the voltage get higher. If the eel was not living in water and if its natural habitat was air instead, the electricity voltage would be very low.

Last question: how can eels generate electricity to shock other animals but are not shocked themselves? The answer is hidden in the previous part. The amount of electricity generated inside the body of an eel is not much, but it gets very high through water. So the eel is safe, because the electricity current is higher due to water and towards the animal the eel gives shock to. Interesting, ha?


To generate: to create

Phenomenon: A situation

Eerie: Strange in a scary way

To command: To give an order to

Actual: Real


According to the passage, what can be known about how an eel looks?

  1. Like a bird
  2. Like a beautiful snake
  3. Like a strange fish
  4. Like an eerie looking snake

What does the writer believes the cells of an eel are like?

  1. Like positive and negative sides of a battery
  2. Like real human cells, no difference
  3. Like the shapes of little pink hearts
  4. Like little eerie looking eels

How does the natural habitat of an eel help the eel?

  1. By giving it a warm home
  2. By letting the eel learn how to swim
  3. By making the electric current higher
  4. By giving the eel lots of fish to eat

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(4) Like an eerie looking snake

(1) Like positive and negative sides of a battery

(3) By making the electric current higher


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