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After college with packed dorms, we all want to have our own place and move out. But that means your parents will no longer support you and you will need to get a full-time job. Why? Because you will have to rent a place and that, my friend, is expensive. Which is why small apartments are popping out everywhere for single young adults. Let’s see how small spaces are transforming architecture.

small room

Most jobs are in big cities, so people move to those big cities and rent out flats. But as the number of people in need of a place to stay is increasing and most of these people are young adults with no family or kids, a new demand for small spaces has arisen.

These small flats are really small. So they are not suitable for a family, no matter how small it is. As they also take up less space than usual, the rent is more affordable. As more and more young adults are saving most of their money and travelling around the world, these small spaces are perfect both for a single young adult to live in and to save up some money to spend on travelling later.

In order to solve the problem of fitting everything needed in a flat, architecture is also changing. The space is smaller, but you still need a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and (if necessary) a living room. Some architects have come up with smart ideas such as putting the bed on top of the living room and combining the kitchen with the living room.

To solve the need for privacy, these genius architects use wooden material to divide the space or create a separate room on top of the living room. That means too much wood, but that’s OK because the type they use looks super cool.


Flat: A single house in an apartment

Adult: Someone who is not a teenager or a child

Affordable: Something that is not excessively expensive

Transform: To change something into something else

Privacy: The right to be left alone


According to the passage, what triggers the rise of rents?

  1. The government
  2. More people moving in
  3. House-owners
  4. Spiritual forces

According to the passage, which of the following can be unnecessary in a small flat?

  1. A bathroom
  2. A bedroom
  3. A kitchen
  4. A living room

What does the writer think about the small spaced flats?

  1. That they are cool with lots of wooden material
  2. That they are still very expensive and not affordable
  3. That they are for a family only
  4. That they are not suitable for single young adults

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(2) More people moving in

(4) A living room

(1) That they are cool with lots of wooden material


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