How to ACHIEVE Your BIGGEST Goals By the End of the Year

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It is that time of the year again when everyone makes giant lists of their desired life. But at the end, sadly nobody can complete the list. So how do you achieve your biggest goals by the end of the year? Keep reading, my friend, because we got you a reliable solution.

goals plans

Get Your Goals Straight

Making a random list is not enough, you need to define your goals. Write down our aim, your target at the very end and be specific. Don’t get too overconfident. Write down your goals in their most simple form.

Do the Hardest First

We human beings tend to avoid the tough road and ignore it completely until the very end. Don’t do that, the problem will not solve itself. Do the hardest goal first and continue with the others later.

Write Out an Action Plan

Now that your goals are clear, you also need a plan. Like how are you going to read all those books without a plan on when to read which one first? No need for a lot of details, just an outline is OK.

Exercise for Your Body and Mind

You keep making all those lists, but it is your body and mind that will complete them. Don’t be selfish and look after them well. Exercise regularly, your body needs that. Also, remember to exercise your mind, as well, and read stuff that is completely unrelated to your daily job. Getting your mind off of things works, trust me.

Limit Your Distractions

I know, I know, you need to check your Facebook every hour. Or Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and numerous other little gadgets! Fine, you can keep doing that. But try to limit your time wasted on these.


Goal: Aim or target

Reliable: Something that you can trust

Distractions: Something that keeps your attention away

Overconfident: Someone way too confident that necessary

Selfish: Someone who only thinks about himself, herself


According to the passage, why do we need to exercise our mind?

  1. It is a universal law
  2. God says so
  3. To get your mind off of things
  4. To be the most successful person

Which of the following statements is false?

  1. No need for an action plan, just do what you want
  2. Start from the most difficult task and continue with others
  3. Social media is fine, as long as it’s limited
  4. Define your goals first

According to the passage, how should be my action plan?

  1. Very detailed and complex
  2. Short but to the point
  3. An action plan? Who needs one?
  4. Just an outline is fine


(3) To get your mind off of things

(1) No need for an action plan, just do what you want

(4) Just an outline is fine


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