How To Become A PATIENT Mom

This whole new modern life style, with all its stresses, is very difficult. It is difficult when you are a single adult with lots of spare time, but things get nasty if you are a working parent. Today we will talk about this issue and analyze methods of how to become a patient mom.


There are a few key tips that we would like to share with you.  Just put your little one to sleep, make a good cup of coffee to yourself, relax and start reading. You are a great parent, by the way. They are just-in-case tips.

Impatience is OK

Maybe the media tells a different story, but impatience is OK. We all want to be great parents and we strive to achieve that, but sometimes life happens and things get out of control. Relax, you are human, mistakes can happen. Accept the fact that sometimes everything is too much. Believe me, seeing the problem and accepting it is the first step in solving it.

Empty Your Glass

When things get out of hand, sometimes they do so because of inevitable reasons. But sometimes you make simple mistakes, because you have been trying your hardest for a long time. If you start yelling at the most simple things for no reason, then you are too stressed. Take your time away from the kids and empty your glass. Read a book, go see a movie, take a walk in the park nearby. You need time for letting the steam out. After that, you are as good as new.

Detect the Problems

Accepting impatience and emptying your glass does not work? OK, now is the time for our last resort: detect the problems and lift the limits. Give more freedom to your kid if you cannot solve the problem otherwise.


Inevitable: Cannot be stopped

Strive to: Make great effort for something

Let the steam out: Do something different to let go of your stress

Impatience: Being unable to keep your patience

Little one: Kid


According to the passage, why does the writer suggest impatience is OK?

  1. Because chaos is fun
  2. Because it means you see the problem and begin to solve it
  3. Because we deserve it, life is too difficult
  4. Because being patient is too boring

What does the term “empty your glass” mean in the passage?

  1. To literally empty your glass of water
  2. To empty the widow glass, if that’s possible
  3. To throw away all your wine glasses
  4. To let the stress out and take time to yourself

If the first two methods do not work, what is the last resort?

  1. Giving more freedom to your kid
  2. Calling the police
  3. Leaving the kids behind and going to Hawaii
  4. Let the grandmother deal with the kids

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(2) Because it means you see the problem and begin to solve it

(4) To let the stress out and take time to yourself

(1) Giving more freedom to your kid


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