Sometimes news goes like this: a masterpiece from a certain great genius is discovered by a farmer and made him rich. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You were just living your life the usual way and suddenly you discovery a treasure so precious that humanity thanks you in the form of money. This sort of makes me want to live in a farmland, to be honest. But how do they do it, how to they discover a masterpiece?


First of all, this was a very difficult and tricky task only 25 years ago. Technology was not as advanced as it is today and people has to look at a painting for hours, days, even weeks to analyze its style and recognize the painter.

If the painting turned out to be a real masterpiece, then they would get rich immediately. If not, say bye to that wasted weeks in front of a fake painting.

Thank goodness things are easier now and it is way more difficult to deceive buyers and sell a fake masterpiece. Yes, you still have to have “the eyes” that is able to recognize the artist’s style. But, with X-ray and other technologies, “the eyes” are not that needed anymore.

Now after a so-called masterpiece is found by an ordinary citizen who is very eager to get paid for it, first an expert takes a look. Does the painting have the style of that famous painter? Can the expert see a hidden signature or something?

Next step, right after the expert’s examination, is to fetch a machine to check the painting and its layers. Yes, paintings have layers. Painters do not create a masterpiece overnight. They work for days and they paint and paint over and over again.

After these two steps are taken, finally the truth can be revealed: a masterpiece or a fake.


Genius: Highly intelligent person

Expert: Someone who is specialized in on field

Masterpiece: A piece of artwork by a famous artist

Overnight: In only one night’s time

Fetch: To go and get something


According to the passage, which of the following statements is false?

  1. It was very easy to recognize a masterpiece in the past
  2. Technology made recognizing a masterpiece easier
  3. An expert is still needed
  4. You will get paid if you find a real masterpiece

According to the passage, what does “the eyes” mean?

  1. Eyes of a human
  2. Eyes of a spiritual figure
  3. Eyes of fate
  4. Eyes of an experienced expert

What do the layers mean in the last part of the passage?

  1. The style of the artist
  2. The colors
  3. That same painting is painted over for a long time
  4. The layers of money

[toggle title=”Answers”]

(1) It was very easy to recognize a masterpiece in the past

(4) Eyes of an experienced expert

(3) That same painting is painted over for a long time



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