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Having a good job and a lover or even a family is great, but all of these are achieved through your own strength that comes from your health. Yes, think about it: you would not be able to do any of the things you did if your health was poor. Now why don’t you put some effort to keep that and exercise regularly? Here are some tips for you on how to exercise daily.


Small Beginnings

Half an hour of exercise a day may sound as if an easy task. There are 24 hours a day, right? But believe me, you will find so many excuses the moment you come from work and sit down. So why don’t you start little and make the daily exercise habit 4 days a week first and only for 15 minutes. If you succeed in keeping your promise, you can make it every day and maybe even for more than 15 minutes.

Define the Time

Don’t let surfing on the internet while lying down get to you: set a doable exercise time and do it. Maybe you like mornings better and you get energized by morning exercise before work: do it before work at an exact time. Maybe you like evenings better? Then define an exact time and go for it. Remember, no excuses, this one is for your health.

Just Get Out

Sometimes you are so tired that you don’t even want to cook even though you are starving. But you need good food, not ordered junk food. Exercise is the same, even if you don’t want to, just get ready and get out! The rest will unfold accordingly.

Put a Reward for Afterwards

Everyone needs to be spoiled, so if you are successful in keeping your promise, reward yourself. You did something good for your health, you deserve the cake.


Regularly: On a routine

To achieve: To make real

Unfold: Reveal, disclose or open up

Reward: Give a gift for a success

Doable: Not too difficult


According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?

  1. Exercise is overrated, you don’t need it
  2. Just by getting out of the door, you can motivate yourself
  3. You have to exercise half an hour every day, no matter what
  4. No rewards are accepted, you need to lose weight

Why does the writer suggest small beginnings are good?

  1. Because the writer likes small beginnings
  2. Because the writer knows people are weak
  3. Because the writer is bribed by small-beginnings activists
  4. Because small beginnings are easier to achieve and they may develop for better

According to the passage, which of the followings is not an advice for regular exercise?

  1. Postponing the exercise
  2. Setting a time
  3. Starting with small beginnings
  4. Rewarding yourself


(2) Just by getting out of the door, you can motivate yourself

(4) Because small beginnings are easier to achieve and they may develop for better

(1) Postponing the exercise


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