How to SURVIVE IN Desert?

How to SURVIVE IN Desert?

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Right now it may sound like a crazy idea, but believe me, if we keep on murdering the planet earth with our dangerous lifestyles, in a few decades we will need this advice: how to survive in a desert. Get your pens ready, we are gearing up for the future of humankind.

How to SURVIVE IN Desert?

Cover Yourself

Have you ever thought that the cultural clothes of a country probably have a connection with the climate there? People living in countries with vast deserts tend to wear a lot, not less, in order to protect themselves from the heat and create their own shade. Keeping your body cool is very, very important and covering yourself (face included) is one way of achieving that.

Find a Shade

Covering yourself is important, but it is not enough, especially at noon. Try to find somewhere with a shade. This does not have to be a small house. A rock or a tree would do. Remember: you are not on a beach enjoying the sun, keep away from it.

Don’t Eat

I’m not saying “starve to death”, all I’m saying is try to avoid eating unless you are very weak and hungry. This way you can last longer with your food. And more importantly, eating makes you thirsty and you are not in abundance of water here.

Don’t Drink

Again, I’m not telling you do die out of thirstiness. But just don’t drink all your water in one go as if you have plenty of it. One small sip may seem too little at the time, but you need to use your remaining water wisely or you won’t be able to survive. It would be great to be able to carry lots of water with you, but you know, it would be very heavy, so try to drink in small sips instead.


Wisely: In a smart way

In one go: At once, immediately

In abundance: In very large quantity

To gear up: To get ready

Thirsty: In need of water


According to the passage, what is the reason behind not eating?

  1. Lack of food
  2. No cooking utensils
  3. Eating makes you thirsty
  4. Food is very expensive

According to the passage, can we make a connection between cultural clothes and climate of a country?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. The passage does not answer the question

What is the most important thing to do when in a desert?

  1. To have water with you
  2. To not eat too much
  3. To keep your body cool
  4. To not get lost


(3) Eating makes you thirsty

(1) Yes

(3) To keep your body cool


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