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Born:  1954 (age 66)

Rize, Turkey

Profession:   Businessman, Sports Club President

Personal Life

Abdurrahim Albayrak was born in 1954 in Rize. He studied elementary school in Rize. His father, one of the first to go to Germany, did not take him with him. His father returned to Turkey a few years later and opened a shop, but works were not going too well again forced to return to Germany. He took his son with him when he returned. When Abdurrahim Albayrak returned to Turkey, he took a minibus with the money he saved up in Germany and later expanded his years in the transportation business.

Abdurrahim Albayrak married Nadiye Albayrak in 1980. He has 6 children. Nowadays, she lives with Şukran Hanım, who brought her son, whom he named Kuzey, into the world in 2013. He was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and his test in March 2020 was positive. Thereupon, he was treated with Şukran Hanım. On March 13, 2020, on the 13th day of his treatment, his condition improved.

Business Life

He worked with his father in construction in Frankfurt, Germany. Then he returned to Turkey again for military service. When he completed his military service, he bought a minibus with the money he saved in Germany and started to work as a minibus driver in his hometown, Rize. He then moved to Istanbul under the pressure of his relatives. He settled in Habibler Village in Istanbul and started to work as a minibus driver on the Edirnekapı-Habibler line. Works went well and, over time, he took his second minibus with the money his father sent. Then, in the third and fourth, suddenly he won the title of the person with the most minibus in that line. Later, this minibus fleet formed the basis of the Altur Tourism company. It currently owns a fleet of 15,000 vehicles.

Sports Management

He became a member of Galatasaray Sports Club No. 9047. For the first time, he served as a Football Branch Officer on Galatasaray SC board of directors headed by Mehmet Cansun. It soon became the favorite name of the community and the fans. Especially during the match, his extreme and excitement drew attention. Between 2011 and 2013, he served on the board of directors chaired by Unal Aysal. Not included in Aysal’s new management list with names such as Ali Durust, Refik Arkan and Adnan Ozturk in 2013, Albayrak was re-elected to the board of directors headed by Duygun Yarsuvat in 2014. Together with the new management, Albayrak assumed the role of “Vice President”. He resigned from his post on June 2, 2015. At the Galatasaray Extraordinary General Assembly held on January 21, 2018, externally supported Mustafa Cengiz management and with the election of Cengiz, he became the Vice President of Sportif A.Ş. Mustafa Cengiz, who was elected as the president again at Galatasaray Ordinary General Assembly held on May 26, 2018, came to the management and was appointed as the 2nd President of Galatasaray SC.

Galatasaray has completed the season as a champion in all 6 different seasons managed by Galatasaray SC.

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