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“Gerund”, bir fiilin köküne -ing getirilerek oluşturulan ve isim görevi gören fiildir ve Türkçe’de karşılığı fiildir.

Biting nails is a bad habit.

Jeremain likes playing piano more than anyone else.

Being trust-worthy is highly important these days.

In noun compoundsDancing shoes / Horse riding / Chewing gum
As the subject of a clauseClimbing Himalayas is the most exciting experience I have ever had.
As the subject complementMy brother’s biggest hobby is building car in his garage.
After certain verbs (As direct object)Many people hate being criticized.
After prepositionsI am against using cigarettes, especially in interiors.
After verbs with prepositionsIf you carry on exercising, you will get fit in a month or so.
After adjectives with prepositionsHe is sorry about cheating in the exam.
After nouns with prepositionsShe has a fear of being in the full dark.

Gerunds with some common phrases

  • go + V-ing

Go + swimming / jogging / fishing / hunting / running / sightseeing / skiing / skating / dancing / camping

Why don’t we go camping tomorrow?

  • by + V-ing

You can stay up late by drinking coffee.

  • without + V-ing

You can live without eating anything for several weeks, but you can survive only a few days without drinking water.

  • spend / waste + something + V-ing

You should not waste your time playing on the computer.

I spend most of my time working.

Do not waste your energy trying to fix this tap; I have called the plumber.

  • sit / stand / lie + somewhere + V-ing

He lay on the beach dreaming.

Achille was sitting in the balcony waiting for his son.

  • It is/was + a waste of time / energy / money + V-ing

It is a waste of energy teaching her maths; she doesn’t understand anything.

It was a waste of time watching this film. It was very boring.

  • Subject + be + (not) worth + V-ing

This derby is worth watching.

This old car is not worth spending so much money; you can not even start the engine.

  • It is/was no good / It is/was no use + V-ing

It is no good apologizing now.

It was no use trying to open the door; it was stuck.

  • There is no point (in) + V-ing

There is no point in calling her again and again as she will not answer the phone.

  • busy + V-ing

I can not do your hair, for I am busy washing the dishes.

  • have a good time / nice time / hard time / trouble / fun / difficulty + V-ing

We used to have a wonderful time playing in our tree house when we were kids.

Some people have difficulty adapting themselves to work after a long relaxing holiday.

  • can not help / could not help / V-ing

As the film was extremely boring, she could not help sleeping. (Uyumaktan kendini alamamak)

  • Feel like + V-ing

Yesterday I ate chicken, so I do not eating chicken today.

  • What about / How about + V-ing?

What about going to Rio next summer?

  • can not stand / can not bear + V-ing

I can not stand dealing with irresponsible people.

My father can not bear listening to rap music.

  • instead of + V-ing

I wish I were lying on the beach instead of listening to this boring lecture.

İngilizce’de kendinden sonra “gerund” kullanılan belli başlı fiiller vardır. Bunlar:

Admit (to)The students admitted cheating in the exam.
AdoreMy grandfather adores listening the sound of the waves.
AnticipateMolly anticipates getting a promotion.
AppreciateI appreciate your keeping silent.
AvoidYou should avoid drinking too much coffee.
CompleteMy mother completed reading “Şu Çılgın Türkler” in 3 days.
ConsiderI sometimes consider living abroad.
DelayThe boss delayed giving us a pay rise.
DenyThe woman denies committing the crime.
DetestMy sister detests watching documentaries.
DiscussThey discussed moving to a larger office.
DislikeMany people dislike being stared at.
EnjoyDid you enjoy spending time with your cousins?
EndureI can not endure his complaining all the time.
EnvisageIt is hard to envisage working as the CEO of a company.
FancyKirsten does not fancy going to crowded parties.
FinishThe gardener has not finished cutting the grass yet.
Give upYou should give up consuming sweet and fatty foods.
HateMarla hates eating meat.
ImagineCan you imagine driving an F1 car?
IncludeThis job inclued being very careful and alert.
InvolveTrading involves risk taking.
JustifyHow did Brandon justify his being innocent?
KeepWhy do you keep doing the same mistakes over and over again?
MentionDo not mention going to that resturant again.
MindMy friend never minds working in a noisy environment.
PostponeYou had better not postpone replying in a noisty environment.
PractiseYou need to practise cooking every day.
QuitMason will quit smoking in a month, I believe that.
RememberYou need to remember calling your coach tomorrow.
Recall / recollectDo you recall listening to this song when we were kids?
RecommendI can easily recommed watching this YouTube channel about cars.
ReportI reported cheating someone in game whenever I saw it.
ResentMy girlfriend resent calling her like that.
ResistI still resist using this phone even after 6 years.
RiskYou risk losing your job or you will never up a stage in your life.
SuggestCarla suggests drinking 2 liters of water every day.
TolerateMy grandparent can not tolerate high volume since they are old.

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