Ardahan İngilizce Tanıtımı ( Kısa )

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Ardahan City Presentation

Ardahan is located in the Northeast of Turkey, near the Georgian border. It’s the gate of the Turkish Republic to the Caucasian countries. Its neighbours are Erzurum in the southwest, Artvin in the west, Kars in the south and Georgia in the east. It became a county in 1992 being separated from Kars. Most of its population are the Meskhetian Turks and the rest are Kurdish, Alevi Turks and the Terekemes. There are also Georgians and Caucasians living in Ardahan. It has a population of 97.319 people. A lot of people have migrated from the city as it’s a cold city and due to the unemployment rate. It has its own historical and natural beauty. Its altitude is 1900 meters. Its licence plate number is 75. There are two border gates between Ardahan and Georgia.

A Short History of Ardahan

It’s not known actually where the name Ardahan comes from. The Ottomans conquered the city and before that, it was a Georgian city. The name Ardahan was first seen in Ottoman documents in 1595. In the Georgian documents, its name was commonly known as Artaani. It’s believed that the name comes from that Georgian origin.

Its foundation isn’t known but it’s believed that it was founded by Cavahos, the son of Mtshetos. It became a part of Georgia in World War I while the Russian army retreated from the region. In 1921, when the Red Army conquered Georgia, it became a Turkish city again.

Where To Visit in Ardahan

When you go to Ardahan, you can visit Çıldır and Kula lakes which freeze in winter because of hard winter conditions. It’s a city which is nearly 300 years old and it has historical and natural beauty.

You can also visit Mevlit Efendi Mosque, Posof Mosque, Savaşır Castle, Kinzi Castle, Sevimli Castle, Kalecik Castle, Dursun Soylu Mansion, Bilbilan Platea, Okçuoğlu Plateau, Yalnızçam Plateau and Aktaş Lake.

How To Go To Ardahan

It’s possible to go to Ardahan via aeroplane and freeway. The closest airport to the city is the Kars Harakani Airport which is 89 kilometres to Ardahan. You can go to Ardahan from the airport by car or you can go to the Kars Bus Station first and then take another bus ride to Ardahan. It’s also possible to go to Ardahan by bus from İzmir, İstanbul and Ankara. If you want to go there by car, it’s 1456 kilometres from İstanbul and 1100 kilometres from Ankara. If you want to take a train, you can take the East Express Train from Ankara to Kars and then from Kars you can go to Ardahan by car or train.

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