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Artvin is an 7367 km2 area in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Extending parallel to the Black Sea coast, the extensions of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains within the provincial borders extend to the border with the name of Kaçkar, Altiparmak, Kökürtlü, Iskaristi Mountains. Numerous mountains and high hills lie above this mountain range. Following the Black Sea coast, the 3937 m high Kaçkar Mountain, which runs in two rows from West to east, forms the highest point of the Black Sea Mountains. Karçal Mountain, which lies between the districts of Şavşat and Borçka and extends to the border of Georgia with the valleys of Çoruh and Berta, is another important mountain of the province with a height of 3428 meters. There are no flat areas in the province that can be called lowland except the aluviyal Plains in Arhavi and Hopa. The Highlands cover extensive territory in the province(51% of the provincial territory).


The population of the province increased continuously between the years 1927-1980, while the amount of population decreased continuously since this date. The main reason for this is due to economical reasons. There have been a lot of migrations out of the province. The current population is 166,143.


Artvin has nine districts which consist of the city senter of Artvin, Ardanuç. Arhavi, Borçka, Hopa, Kemalpaşa, Murgul, Şavşat and Yusufeli.


it is not known exactly where Artvin, known as livane in the Ottoman period, got this name and from what date it was used. The first names are understood to be related to the Çoruh River. Artvin’s historical background is based on the copper axes found near Demirköy by şavşat’s Meşeli and Yusufeli, and is reduced to the “Bronze Age” to the 3000’s. according to Xenophon passing through the region, it is confirmed that many tribes such as Kolkhs, macarons and Taoks lived in and around Artvin.1st. Strabon, the Prolaphian who lived in the century, states that Artvin and his region were under the rule of local kingdoms during Rome’s domination in Anatolia. After that, Artvin remained under the rule of Aksaklı and Sasan and remained under the rule of Bagratli Kingdom Under the auspices of Byzantium with the medieval period. As of 1015, the Seljuk expeditions started in the 12th century. The Ottoman rule, which began during the reign of Yavuz Sultan Selim, was completed with the conquest of Ardanuç Castle, which was the capital of Atabek in 1551 by Iskender Pasha, one of the Lords of Erzurum during the reign of Suleiman the magnificent. During the Ottoman period, Hopa and Borcka were governed by Trabzon, Artvin, Ardanuç and Yusufeli; and the province of Çıldır, which was headquartered in Ahiska. After the defeat of the Ottomans to the Russians in 1828, Çıldır was lost and the units attached to it were included in Erzurum province. As a result of the war of 1877-1878, the Kemalpaşa parish of Artvin, Ardanuç, Borçka, Şavşat and Hopa, which was under the agreement of Ayastafanos signed on March 3, 1878, was abandoned to the Russians as compensation for the war. According to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk signed on March 3, 1918, the Russians withdrew from the territory of Artvin. Even though the British and Georgians were pursuing it temporarily, on February 23, 1921, Artvin was regained as our homeland with the result of the attempts of TBMM . This situation became certain with the Treaty of Moscow signed on March 16, 1921. Established July April 7, 1921 as Sanjak, Artvin was converted to a city on April 24, 1924.


Arsiyan Plateau

The Arsiyan plateau lies between the Pınarlı, Demirkapı, Ilıca villages of şavşat and the Posof district of Ardahan. Arsiyan Mountain has plateaus belonging to The Villages of Cevizli, Yaşar, Saylıca and Kayadibi of şavşat. It is covered with lakes all over.

Yaylalar  Village

Yaylalar is a village in Yusufeli District of Artvin province, Turkey. The village center is located on the upper Bank of Hevek Creek. The village has surrounding neighbourhoods such as Olgunlar, Cami, Şereze, Koramet, Karamolla scattered over a wide area.

Menchuna Falls

The Menchuna waterfall, which fascinates visitors with its nature, is one of the most visited places in Arhavi. There are Wildlife, historical bridges and various vegetation around Menchuna Falls, which increase the value of Tourism every day.

Star Lake

The water of Yıldız Lake, which feeds from the mountain waters, is quite cold. We are sure that travellers who visit this place in the summer will want to leave themselves in the cool waters, but it should not be forgotten that it is too cold to stay in the water!

Karagöl Sahara National Park

“Sahara Pancarcı festivals”are held here. Local people living outside the district also participate in these festivities and contribute economically to the region in terms of domestic tourism. It is also ideal for camping.


İnside Artvin you can use Taxi, bus and minibus. Recently Artvin has increased public buses and started payment via Artvin Card. You can also pay without this card for transportation but it will cost 1,75 TL for civillians and 1,25 for students. The Artvin Hopa Airport is in the borders of Georgia so the flights made to Artvin have a free minibus ride from the airport to the city center of Artvin.


Artvin is currently managed by Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi. The mayor is Mehmet Kocatepe.

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