Bartın İngilizce Tanıtımı ( Kısa )

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Bartın is a county of Turkey located in the west of the Blacksea region. Its population is 198.999. A fact about the city is that %51 of its population lives in the city centre. Its altitude is 12 meters. According to the TUIK ( Turkish Statistics Institution), Bartın has 4 provinces including the central one. It’s not a big county. It became country in 1991, before that it was a part of Zonguldak, another county of Turkey. It’s located in the east of Kastamonu, south of Karabük, west of Zonguldak. The city has a border with Blacksea in the north. It’s a forest rich county and most of the city is located in the Küre Mountains National Park. The Bartın bourn which flows through the central province is the only stream in Turkey on which it’s possible to do sea transport.

A Short History of Bartın

The city’s name was Parthenia once and it became Bartın but it comes from Parthenios. Parthenios is the name of the Bartın bourn in the antique era. It’s also the name of one of the hundreds of children of Okeanos, the father of the gods. Parthenios is the God of water. It means the god of water or the great stream. The Bartın bourn was used to be called as Parthenius in the Roman time and the city which was located around it was also named Parthenia. This name became Bartın in time.

What to See in Bartın

Bartın is a developing city of Turkey with its history, touristic sites, forest and natural beauty. It’s visited by many local and international tourists thanks to its national parks, waterfalls, sea, forests and wooden houses. The best season to visit Bartın is summer.

When you go to Bartın, you can visit Amasra Beach, Göldere Waterfall, Fatih Mosque, Ulukaya Waterfall, Direkli Kaya, Amasra Kuşkayası Road Monument, Kemere Bridge, Little Church in Amasra, Bartın Bourn, Kapısuyu Beach, Amasra Great Port Beach, İnkumu Beach, Amasra Antique Theater and Crying Rock.


It’s possible to find buses going to Bartın each day from Ankara, İstanbu, İzmir, Trabzon, Bursa and Antalya. The closest airport is located in Saltukova- Zonguldak and it’s 38 kilometres to the county. Bartın port is also used for trade transportation. If you want to go to Bartın with your car, it’s 441 kilometres from İstanbul, 451 kilometres from Bursa, 291 kilometres from Ankara, 788 kilometres from İzmir and 848 kilometres from Trabzon.

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