Batman İngilizce Tanıtımı ( Kısa )

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Batman City Presentation

Batman is a county of Turkey located in the Southeast Region of Turkey. It has a population of 576.889 people. Its altitude is 570 meters. According to the reports of Turkish Statistics Institution ( TUIK), it has 6 provinces including the central one. Batman is a city with a rich historical background and it’s a city to be seen with its antique city Hasankeyf. Tahsin Acet, the worldwide known artist, is also from Batman. Batman grew so fast till 1990 and it became Turkey’s 72nd county.Kozluk and Sason were once a part of Siirt and Hasankeyf and Gerçüş were once a part of Mardin and then they became Batman’s provinces.

A Short History of Batman

Batman is a new city but its history dates back to Sumerians. It was once a small village named İluh in the 1930’s. When the petrol was found in Turkey for the first time around Batman, it quickly developed.

It’s also known that Batman was once an antique city. Hasankeyf Antique City is located in Batman and it’s nearly 10.000 years old. It has been home to Mervanis, Artuquids, Ayyubids and Ottoman Empire.

Where to See When You Visit Batman

Batman is a historic city. When you go there, you should visit Hasankeyf, the famous antique city, Malabadi Nature Park, Batman Park Shopping Mall, Yılmaz Güney Cinema, Zeynel Bey Mosque, Yıldız Kebir Mosque, Batman Museum, Yaşar Kemal City Forest, Memikan Bridge, Mor Kiryakus Abbey, Mor Aho Abbey, Pertükan Castle, Beksi Castle, Kandil Castle,Rabat Castle and Bozikan Castle.

How to Go to Batman

It’s possible to go to Batman via highway, airlines and railway. There are regular buses from most of the Turkish counties to Batman. You can also take the train from Haydarpaşa Train Station in İstanbul heading to Kurtalan Station in Siirt to go to Batman. If you want to go to Batman by plane, there are direct flights from İstanbul and Ankara to Batman each day. If you want to go to Batman by car, it’ll take a long time. It’s 1543 kilometres from İstanbul to Batman. And from Ankara, İt’s 1010 kilometres.

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