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Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest city,  is one of the attractive cities by means of both historical buildings and natural beauty.

Surface Area : 10,886.38 km² (including lake), 10,421.87 km² (excluding lake)

Population : 3,056,120

Districts : Nilüfer, Yıldırım, Osman Gazi, Büyük Orhan, Gemlik, Gürsu, Harmancık, İnegöl, İznik, Karacabey, Kales, Kestel, Mudanya, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Orhaneli, Orhangazi and Yenişehir.

What to Eat: When you come to Bursa, you should definitely eat İskender Kebab, İnegöl Meatball and Kemalpaşa Dessert. Apart from these, Chestnut Candy, which has been identified with Bursa, should not be forgotten.

What to Buy: Bursa İpekli fabrics that are famous all over the world and Bursa’s famous towels should be bought.


Its old Greek name is Prussa or Brusa. Researches shows that there were various settlements in Bursa since B.C.  4000s.  It also came under the rule of the Lydian in the 7th B.C. and Persians in 546 B.C..  Bitinia Kingdom was established in 328 B.C.. Prusias I., the king of Bitinia between 230-182 B.C., is considered the founder of the city of Bursa. It is believed that the name Bursa originated from Prusa, the city’s then name. After the Roman Empire was divided into two in 395 A.D., Bursa remained under Byzantine rule. Although the city was attacked by the Seljuks especially in the 11th century, it remained under Byzantine rule until the 14th century. After long conflicts, Orhan Bey took Bursa in 1326 and made it the capital of the Ottomans. Bursa remained in this position until Edirne was made the capital in 1365. Bursa was the most important center of the Ottomans until the Conquest of Istanbul.

Since the 14th century, Bursa showed a great economic growth thanks to the silk coming from Iran and the spices coming from India-Jeddah-Aleppo. Silk and spice trade, which peaked especially in the 16th century, gave the city a great liveliness. This trade, which brought enormous wealth to both the Ottoman Empire and Bursa, has gradually diminished and lost its importance since the 17th century, when the British and the Dutch took over the Indian Ocean and started to carry spices and silk directly to Europe via Cape of Good Hope.

Bursa region was within the borders of Hüdavendigar Province in the early 1900s. The city’s municipality was founded in 1877. Bursa, which had riots in various parts of the War of Independence, was occupied by the Greeks on July 8, 1920; He survived the occupation on September 11, 1922.

Places to visit :

Tophane: You can watch Bursa as panoramic at there. The place inspired the writers and poets with its scenery. The people of Bursa and visitors in the region show great interest there in every hour. You will dominate the view of Bursa with warm weather in summer and warm tea and sahlep in winter.

Trilye: It is a charming old Greek town with the best restaurants of Bursa region, which is a coastline to the Marmara Sea. Trilye , which is located right across the Imralı Island, welcomes many visitors with its geographical location. Bursa’s first illustrated church is located in Trilye where you can add historical places to your list.

Cumalıkızık Village: Cumalızık village will be a nice stopping point for your list of places to see in Bursa with its beautiful nature and architectural texture. Cumalıkızık Village; it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is one of the places that you must see before you die.

Koza Han: Located in the city center of Bursa and one of the symbols of the city, Koza Han is one of the important centers in Bursa silk trade. It is very popular with its silk shops and tea gardens. Koza Han, which is one of the meeting points of all Bursa’s people, is one of the points where you will breathe on your Bursa trip.

Ulucamii : It was built between 1396-1400 by Yıldırım Bayezid in the center of Bursa. It is one of the symbolic structures of the city of Bursa. Ulucamii, which also includes the astrology study of the period, is one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, and Ulucamii is another of Bursa’s most important historical monuments to be seen.

Botanical Park: It is a park where you can see more than 150 tree species, flowers, which is located on a 400-acre land in the city center of Bursa. Every year, the International Tulip Festival is organized in Bursa Botanical Park. Apart from that, its restaurants also make a difference with walking areas.

Inkaya Plane: It  is located on the road Uludag, 36-meter long and 9.5 meter circumference and about 600 years of history , has the distinction of being the oldest tree in Turkiye . With its panoramic view and lush nature, it attracts a lot of visitors, especially in the summer months.

Tourism :

Bursa dazzles with the richness of its historical monuments. Bursa and Iznik are decorated with unique works of early Christianity and the Ottoman period. This district, which is the subject of mythology, was identified with Turkish ceramics and Iznik tiles during the Ottoman period. Although it lost its importance with the Conquest of Istanbul, Iznik, dating from the Hellenistic ages, is the city of the god of wine Dionysos.

Turkey’s winter tourism center in Uludag Ski Center , of Bursa is 40 minutes away and has all the facilities for winter tourism. Uludag is the largest mountain in the Marmara Region and its height is around 2453 meters. The most important center of winter tourism in Turkey, Uludag hotels and ski areas is one of Europe’s major ski resorts.  Uludag Ski Center, which is the  Turkey’s largest nature and winter sports center, also includes a lot of natural beauty outside the ski slopes. While driving down  from Uludağ Ski Center to Bursa with your own vehicle, you will also have the chance to rest in the numerous Cafes, tea gardens and Meat barbecue restaurants along with the Bursa view. In terms of ease of transportation, leaving the center of Bursa with Teleferik will both save time and add a different colour to your travel.

İnegöl – Oylat Hot Springs are at a point that makes a difference with the healing hot spring waters and Oylat Thermal Hotels amidst the greenery. Oylat Hot Springs, which is the most important Tourism Region of İnegöl, is capable of treating many diseases. İnegöl Oylat Hot Springs, which has increased its popularity as a result of high quality tourism investments in recent years, is a must-visit location for Bursa Holiday.

Transportation :

Highway : The province has a dense highway traffic in terms of both internal and intercity traffic.

Bursa Terminal is approximately 10 km away from the city center.  You can come to Bursa from all cities.

By Air : Yenişehir Airport is located away 50 km from the city center.

Seaway : Seaway transportation takes place via Gemlik and Mudanya piers. Both ports are approximately far away  30 km from Bursa.

Only freight transport is available from Gemlik port. The Maritime Administration from Mudanya has ferry services to Istanbul.


Bursa Gezilecek Yerler Nereler?

Bursa gezilecek turistik yerler, İnkaya mağarası, botanik park, Cumalıkazık, Koza Han, Tophane, en çok tercih edilenlerdir.

Bursa Tarihçesi Nedir?

Bursa, bölgenin en eski uygarlıklarının bulunduğu tarihi bir yerdir. Ilıpınar Höyüğü kazılarında bu tarih ortaya çıkarılmıştır. MÖ. 5200 yıllara dayanan bir tarih vardır.

Bursa Tarihi Yerler Nereler?

Bursa’nın tarihi yerleri arasında, Tophane, Tirilye, Cumalıkazık, Koza Han, İnkaya, Botanik park en çok ziyaret edilenlerdir.

Bursa’da Ne Yenir?

Bursa’nın en meşhur yemeği tabikide Bursa İskender’dir. Merkezde bulunan İskender Kebap salonları eşsiz bir damak zevki sunmaktadır.

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