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Çanakkale is a city located in the Marmara Region, but has a coast to the Aegean Sea.  It looks like an open air museum because it carries traces of civilization that lasted for centuries.

Surface Area : 9817 km²

Population: 542,157

Districts: Ayvacık, Bayramiç, Biga, Çan, Ezine, Gallipoli, Lapseki, Gökçeada, Bozcaada, Yenice, Eceabat, Merkez

What to Eat: Çanakkale is  a seafood paradise. It is possible to find fresh fish and seafood in all seasons. Gökçeada and Bozcaada grapes and wines produced with traditional methods from grapes grown here should be tasted.

What to Buy: Do not return from Çanakkale without purchasing old handicraft products, ceramic bowls and pottery productions, or buying wine produced in Bozcaada and Gökçeada.

History: Known as Dardanel and Hellespontos in old times , the first civilization in the history of Çanakkale was founded in Troy. Later, Lydian, Persia, Kingdom of Pergamum, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman dominated the city.  Çanakkale, which is based on very important historical legends , is the city where many world-known important struggles are experienced , from the Trojan war to the Çanakkale war .

Because of being one of the sharpest aspects of World War I, Çanakkale is the city which includes history in every square meter. Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park in which is important and special for world war history and the history of Turkey, ancient important centers of the world in western Anatolia, Troy and Assos city are very important historical and tourism values.

Today, its name Çanakkale came from the meaning of  the widespread use of the crockey profession.

Places to Visit 

Çanakkale has become a favorite of many domestic and foreign holidaymakers in recent years with its natural beauties and islands.

Canakkale Monument of Martyrs (Çanakkale Şehitler Abidesi)

The monument, which became the symbol of Çanakkale together with the Trojan Horse, was built in a way that is worthy of its glory . It is the most magnificent of the monuments that symbolize our almost 250 thousand Çanakkale martyrs who spat the glory of the Turkish race, where thousands of shells fall to the square meter. Every year, thousands of Turkish citizens flock to the region with Çanakkale trips organized from each province or with their own means. The Çanakkale Martyrs Monument, which has an intense interest in the people of Anzac (New Zealand, Australia) as well as the Turkish people, is one of the important historical places of Çanakkale, where the traces of the period are exhibited and which are carefully preserved. This monument comes first among the most visited spots in Çanakkale.

The ancient city of Troy  (Truva Antik Kenti)

The world-renowned Troy Ancient City attracts attention with its  history of over 5,000 years . Troy, the most important region of Çanakkale history, is in the Tevfikiye Village of Çanakkale. Dozens of civilizations ruled in the region and faced the most advanced civilizations of the world in antiquity. The Trojan War, mentioned in Homer’s Epic of Iliad, has also been experienced in the ancient city of Troy. The ancient city of Troy, which is the subject of the films, contains hundreds of ancient artifacts and is very popular. Which is one of Turkey’s most important ancient cities, the ancient city of Troy is located in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. It should be written in the list of places to be seen in Çanakkale.

Bozcaada Ayazma Beach

One of the places you should visit is Ayazma Beach in Bozcaada which is one of the Turkey’s most important islands. Ayazma Beach, which is the most preferred beach of Bozcaada , is located 7 km from Bozcaada Center. Apart from swimming and sunbathing on Ayazma Beach, which has a magnificent beach and nature, you can rent a sea bike, banana, jet-ski and enjoy Bozcaada.

Kilitbahir Castle  

Kilitbahir Castle, which was built during the siege of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet , enters the borders of Kilitbahir Village, located directly opposite the center of Çanakkale. Kilitbahir Castle , built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet to control the Dardanelles and sheds light on the history of Çanakkale. While watching a magnificent sea view, it will be an ideal travel route that will be accompanied by historical periods. Kilitbahir Castle, which is also used in Çanakkale Wars, is one of the important places of Çanakkale’s history .

Saros Bay  

Located at the intersection of Gallipoli Peninsula and Thrace, Saros Bay adds value to Çanakkale with its natural beauties and deep blue sea. The region known as Melas Kolpos in old times has the feature of “self-cleaning” which is located only here in the world.

Temple of Assos Athena  ( Asos Athena Tapınağı)

Indeed, while wandering in an ancient city, watching the blue sea from an enormous hill; it would be a very rare travel stop in the world. Assos Athena Temple offers you this opportunity. The region where the works belonging to the 6th century are exhibited will take you on a short tour in history. Assos Atena Temple is dedicated to Athena, daughter of Zeus. Athena Temple in Assos, Çanakkale ; It is a good example for the historical sites of Çanakkale.


Assos (Behram)

It is with Assos Behram Village in Ayvacık district of Çanakkale. Assos, which is one of the important centers of ancient times, was founded on the slope of a volcanic mountain and on andesite cliffs. It was the most important cultural and commercial center of the world when it was under the domination of the Roman Empire. The world-famous Aristotle lived in Assos for a period of his life and established a philosophy school here. Since Assos’ history, which was included in the Athens Union and also has a very important place in the Christian world, dates back to 2000 BC, the historical places of Assos are also quite.

Gökçeada (Imroz) 

Turkey’s largest island of Gokceada is located the westernmost of Turkey. The world famous British newspaper, Financial Times  stated: “One of the top 5 summer escape islands in Europe is Gökçeada”. Gökçeada vacation  will be a good choice for travelers who want a quiet holiday . It has been an ideal holiday destination for windsurfing, which has been popular in recent years.

Bozcaada (Tenodos) 

Bozcaada, which is almost the smiling face of Çanakkale, is one of the places you can choose for Çanakkale trip with its streets that smell of history , delicious wines and natural beauties . Known as Tenodos in ancient times , Bozcaada is also mentioned in Homer’s epic Ilyada. It is one of the places you should see before you die with its vast sea, wind roses, historical Greek houses and cobblestone.


Highway : Road transportation to Çanakkale is easy ratherly.  Moreover, there are many buses from big cities such as Istanbul , Ankara , Izmir , Bursa , Antalya to Canakkale.  Besides, transportation is possible from Tekirdag, Kesan through the Dardanelles.

By Air: You can use Çanakkale Airport for your airline transportation to Çanakkale . There are regular flights through Ankara and Istanbul.

Sea Way: It is also possible to reach Çanakkale by sea . You can go to Balıkesir Bandırma via Istanbul and from there to Çanakkale by road. Or you can reach it via Tekirdağ by sea.


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Çanakkale Şehitlik, Truva Antik Kenti, Assos, Conkbayırı, Bozcaada, Gökçeada, Ayazma, Kilitbahir,

Çanakkale’nin Tarihi Yerleri Nereler?

Çanakkale Şehitler Abidesi, Truva Antik Kenti, Assos, Assos Athena Tapınağı, Kilitbahir Kalesi, Conkbayırı,

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Türkler’in en büyük savaşların birini verdiği Çanakkale geçilmezdir. Çanakkale geçilmez İngilizce’de Canakkale is impassable olarak ifade edilir.

Truva Antik Kenti Nerede?

Truva Yunan mitolojisinde büyük bir öneme sahiptir. Truva Antik Kenti Çanakkale sınırları içerisinde bulunmaktadır.

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