Central Park İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Central Park İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

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Central Park is a very large public urban park in 3382 acres, located in Manhattan, New York City, the USA. With an average of 25 million visitors annually, Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States. Many movies and television shows have made this park the most famous city park in the world. Central Park is one of the most famous city parks in the world and is one of the symbols of New York.

History of Central Park

In the zoning plan, which was approved under the title “Broker Plan” in New York in 1811, no green spaces were proposed for the city. But when the city began expanding to the north of Manhattan Island in the first half of the 19th century, the New York Governorate began land acquisition in 1853 and set up a commission called the “Central Park Commission” and opened a competition for the park’s zoning project.

Architect Frederick Law Olmsted thought the park would bring a sense of desolation to the city, given the major changes previously experienced in residential areas. Olmsted later served as a New York park broker and promoted the development of many parks across the country.

In 1858, the municipality finally approved the “Greensward” plan of Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, and great work began in the same year.

A new activity area to come to the region brought many things with it. Transportation, service, infrastructure were sub-sectors that would enable the new recreation area to live in the city. Transportation in such a large area had to be solved well, especially in New York City with a grid system plan. For this purpose, a connection road was designed in the plans that passes south of the park. However, this road became a major highway due to time-varying plans and the traffic load of the region. Today, Central Park is a “critical transport link” in the New York transport system. This is an important problem. Architects and urbanists, who founded the Central Park in the middle of the 19th century, did not intend this transportation connection to be a highway. In fact, this situation needs to be changed for the citizens living in high density residential areas.

Development of Central Park

Central Park was first designed as a resting place for Manhattan residences in the 1850s. Although planners wanted to position the park in a larger, central location, right in the middle of Manhattan Island, the original plans were made for a small area along the East River, also known as Jones Woods.

Central Park remained in the important basin area for the country. The basin contained billions of gallons of water. It was put into service as a major source of clean water for the people of Manhattan, but its use was stopped after 1991. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Basin, renamed in 1994, is the basin whose water body is perhaps best known.

In the 1870s, Central Park became a primary destination for New Yorkers across the island. Park residents, members of most New York aristocracy, claimed that Central Park is a place where they can reduce their complexity in the center of the city and show their attitude to top-class citizens.

When it is looked from any direction in Park, it is impossible to see more than 60 meters. Your gaze is necessarily cut by an architectural structure such as a piece of rock, a sudden tree, Arsenal, Bandshell, Bethesda Terrace, Belverede Castle. Everything in Central Park, even the most central river, is man-made. In January 1881, an obelisk, approximately 21 meters long, was built right behind the Metropolitan Museum. This obelisk, weighing 200 tons, is the oldest handmade object of Central Park. Obelisk preserves its original form, which was built for the Sun Temple in Heliopolis before Christ.

In the early 1930s, for socio-economic reasons brought by the era, clubs turned into parks for the poor New Yorkers. The settlement, named after Hoover, who led the time of the Great Depression, was deployed to an old basin that is no longer in use.

The park was not used for residential and recreational purposes only. It was also used as a recreation area where people can play sports, organize festivals and stage games.

There are baseball fields in the park. It also hosted parks, basketball courts, jogging and walking paths in former American settlements. Miniature boots, which can be controlled by the remote control, have become a symbol of the park.

Wollman Monumental Skating Rink, covered with ice for most of the year, witnessed many important theater performances. In July 1961, the site hosted the Shakespeare Festival opening night. This summer, the park’s Delacorte Theater played “Twelve Nights,” starring Anne Hathaway.

One of the most attractive aspects of the park is that it has a large zoo for children. The zoo was renovated and reopened in 1997.

Park also has a monumental feature. After John Lennon, who was killed recently in December 1980, the park still attracts the attention of the Beatles fans. Every death anniversary of the singer park gets crowded and a different view emerges.

Influence of Central Park

Today, Central Park continues to progress thanks to the rapid developments and continues to be an inherited heritage that city people can pass on to the next generations.

The construction of the central park was a turning point for the development of cities. Consider other major parks in the world: Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, Villa Borghese in Rome, Hyde Park in London, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco etc. They all developed in parallel to Central Park.

Many architecture and urbanism students believe that Central Park is an almost wonderful art work and aesthetic object, even the best thing in New York. No city in the world has reached a perfection comparable to this. Central Park, within all city parks, has unique features that can appeal and inspire mind and feelings when entered.

The park, which appeals to different users and age groups and brings many things to the city economically and culturally, is an important triangulation point for the region. Designed for Manhattan Residences in the 1850s, Central Park is a small city that attracts people from many different parts of the world today.

Central Park (Türkçe)

Central Park, Yukarı Batı Yakası ile Yukarı Doğu Yakası arasında yer alan Manhattan, New York’ta bir kent parkıdır. New York’taki alana göre 5.41 km2’lik 843 dönümlük en büyük park. Central Park, yılda yaklaşık 37,5-38 milyon ziyaretçinin yanı sıra dünyanın en çok filme alınan yerlerinden biri ile Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde en çok ziyaret edilen kent parkıdır.

1840’lı yıllarda Manhattan’daki büyük bir park için yapılan önerilerin ardından, Central Park ilk olarak 1853’te 778 dönümlük (3,15 km2) bir park olarak onaylandı. 1857 yılında peyzaj mimarı Frederick Law Olmsted ve mimar / peyzaj tasarımcısı Calvert Vaux, “Greensward Planı” başlıklı bir planla parkı inşa etmek için bir tasarım yarışması kazandı. İnşaat aynı yıl başladı ve parkın ilk alanları 1858 sonlarında halka açıldı. Central Park’ın kuzey ucundaki ek arazi 1859’da satın alındı ve park 1876’da tamamlandı. Erken bir düşüş döneminden sonra 20. yüzyılda, New York parkları komiseri Robert Moses, Central Park’ı temizlemek için bir program başlattı. 20. yüzyılın sonlarındaki bir başka düşüş, 1980’lerde Central Park Muhafazakarlığının oluşturulmasını teşvik etti ve 1980’lerde ve 1990’larda parkın birçok bölümünü yeniledi.

Farklı kullanıcılara ve yaş gruplarına hitap eden ve kente ekonomik ve kültürel olarak birçok şey getiren park, bölge için önemli bir tepe noktasıdır. 1850’lerde Manhattan sakinleri için tasarlanan Central Park, bugün dünyanın birçok farklı yerinden insanları kendine çeken küçük bir şehirdir.

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