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Çorum province, which is the gateway of the Black Sea Region to Central Anatolia, has a unique location within the Anatolian cultural mosaic.

Surface Area: 12,820 km2

Population: 530,864

Districts: Çorum, Alaca, Bayat, Boğazkale, Dodurga, İskilip, Kargı, Laçin, Mecitözü, Oğuzlar, Ortaköy, Osmancık, Sungurlu, Uğurludağ

What to Eat: 

Çorum, famous for its roasted chickpeas, is very rich in regional dishes. Among the original dishes of the province are Yanıç, Cızlak, Kömbe, Oğmaç, Hingal, Poppy Muffin, Borhani (Dough, Egg, Mushroom) Helise, Madımak, Tirit, İskilip Stuffed, Keskek, Hedik, Teltel, Has Baklava.

Rice that is produced in Osmancık and Kargı is also recommended to taste with its different flavors.

What to Buy: One of the things that can be bought from the city of Çorum is the Çorum chickpea and copper souvenirs, which are the symbols of the city.

It is also possible to find wood carving works in İskilip, rugs in Alaca Büyük Camili Village, rugs, saddlebags, booties, socks and hand knitting products in the town of Karahacip in Ortaköy district.

History: The province of Çorum has been a human settlement since the very beginning of the historical period. In addition, the first central Anatolian political union and state established in ancient times came from these lands and ruled Anatolia. Hattuşaş, the capital of the ancient Hittites, is in the province of Çorum. When looking at historical periods, it is understood from the archaeological excavations and above ground finds were found around Alacahöyük, Hattuşaş, İskilip, Kuşsaray, Pazarlı, Eskiyapar, Büyükgülücek and Balimsultan villages, tools and guns dating to the Early Bronze Age were found.

Places to visit:


It was built in 1968. Written documents, vases, bronze swords, coin collections from the Byzantine and Islamic periods, glass, gold and silver ornaments, sculptures, candles and Hellenistic ceramics and Roman artifacts can be seen in this museum.


It is the biggest and most impressive holy places of Hattusa city. Yazılıkaya Temple is hidden in high rocks located outside the city. There are more than 90 reliefs such as gods, goddesses and animals on the surface of the rocks in the temple.


Kalehisar, which is located on 20 kilometers north of Alaca district and 6 kilometers north of Alacahöyük archaeological site, is a historical place that has been used as a settlement since ancient times. Traces of Phrygian and Byzantine on the peaks of the castle, which can be seen even from Hattusa hills, and traces of Seljuk settlements are found on its skirts. The Kalehisar Complex, which belongs to the Seljuk Period, is located on the plain below the magnificent building with an altar belonging to the Phrygian period at the summit. It is a structure consisting of a complex, madrasah, Turkish bath, tomb and inn. The bathhouse of the complex is in the southeast of the madrasa. The building has a square plan and its base has been demolished. The remains of the floor, which were destroyed in the western part of the complex, still remain. The square shaped mausoleum belonging to the complex is in the northern part. The tomb has only an arch today.


It is located in Incesu Village of Ortaköy district. The canyon, which is 12 kilometers long, is known as the “long passage” among the locals. In the canyon there are wall ruins, water cisterns and wooden bond grooves of 2000 B.C.. One of the important remains in the region is the goddess relief Kybele, which holds a lion cub in her left hand. Incesu Canyon also hosts a wide variety of plant and animal species.


There are rock tombs from the Roman period on the south and south-east skirts of the castle, built on a natural rock of 100 m height from the Ottoman period in the center of Iskilip. The rock tomb located to the southeast has a rectangular entrance with two columns. Round column bodies go up.


It is located in the north-west corner of the nose of a rock block extending to the north, on a rugged land formed by deep valleys in a steep, rocky and rivulet split in the Kırkdilim locality, approximately 27 km north of Çorum. It is a rock tomb of Hellenistic period belonging to Commander Ikezios. It is dated to the B.C. II.

The rock tomb at the height has a trapezoidal podium floor. From this podium, on the second platform with an 8-step ladder, and from there, the 12-step ladder leads to the podium in front of the tomb. “Ikezios” writing is read on the door of the grave chamber. The grave chamber has a square plan and there are dead figures carved in the form of alcove on the left and right of the entrance.



Hattuşaş Ancient City, located near the province of Çorum, is an ancient settlement that was the capital of the Hittite Empire. The ancient city, now known as Boğazköy, was founded in 17th and 13th B.C. It was a capital city, and the first excavation was carried out in 1834 by Charles Texier. Also, the name introducing this city to the world is the same. It has been on UNESCO’s “World Heritage List” since 1986. The cuneiform tablet archives here are also on UNESCO’s “World Memory” list since 2001.


The city was the cult and art center of four different ages; Chalcolithic Age: 4000-3000 BC, Old Bronze Age: 3000-2000 BC, Hittite Period: 1800-1200 BC and Phrygian Period: 750 BC. Temples, big buildings, private block houses, streets, big and small water channels, walls and the tunnel from the Hittite Empire era, monumental gates, gold and silver vessels, guns, gold and silver jewelry. You can also see animal sculptures made of bronze and clay from the 4th century.


Highway: It is located on the giant highway connecting Çorum Central and Southeastern Anatolia to the Black Sea Region .

It is more advantageous to use Istanbul-Samsun Highway for those who will come to Çorum from Marmara Region.

By Air: There is no airport in Çorum , and the nearest airport is in Samsun (176 km) and Ankara (242 km).

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