Peri Bacaları İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Peri Bacaları İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

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Fairy Chimneys (Peri Bacaları)

Fairy chimneys, cone-shaped formation of rain, wind and flood waters by eroding the structure of tuffs. There are rock blocks on the tops of these tower-shaped formations.  These rocks, formed by abrasion caused by natural factors, are mostly seen in the Cappadocia region. It is also available as well as sporadic in many parts of Turkey.

Where Are Fairy Chimneys Found?


You can see the best examples in Cappadocia. The most dense region is located in the valleys between Avanos-Uçhisar- Ürgüp. In valleys such as Uçhisar, Çavuşin, Güllüdere, Kızılçukur, you can see color changes due to the temperature difference formed in the lava layers.


There are fairy chimneys with or without a hat in the districts of İhsaniye, İscehisar, Bayat and Bolvarin on the volcanic land.

The places where the fairy chimneys are the most intense are in the valleys around the roads starting from the Seydiler town of İscehisar to Döger town of İhsaniye District, but you can see the most famous around the town of Ayazini.


The Fairy Chimneys of Kutan, located approximately 3 km west of the Stone bridge in the village of Suceyn in Arapgir district, looks like a small Cappadocia.


There are fairy chimney formations around Celil Neighborhood, 2 km from Kuşça town of Cihanbeyli district.


Norman Fairy Chimneys in Norman district are worth seeing. It is also known as the Land of Red Fairies. These fairy chimneys close to the village of Yanıktaş have an area of ​​6300 hectares. The fairy chimneys here are similar to the color of Colaroda canyon in America. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes it from the formations in Cappadocia is that it is the product of compression tectonics. Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys have a volcanic structure, but the fairy chimneys here have a sedimentary structure. Sedimentary rocks have a red color thanks to the iron element. The formation here was the result of these materials, which are carried to a lake with streams and have high iron content, are formed by wind and rain after the lake dries in time.


Fairy chimneys called Vanadokya by local people are located in Yavuzlar village of Başkale district. The rocks erupted by the volcanic Yiğit Mountain in Yavuzlar village show similarity to Cappadocia.


Kula Fairy Chimneys, which are called Kuladokya by the local people, are located in the Gediz valley located in Burgaz location. It became the 100th geopark in the world, declared as a protected area in 2012. Strabon, the Anatolian historian of Amasya, who traveled around the region 2000 years ago, called the Kula region “Katakekaumene”, which means “Burnt Country”.

Fairy Chimneys Legend

This is the legend; A long time ago, a very hard working peasant lived in one of the villages in Göreme. From the vineyards shaded by the fairy chimneys, the grapes overflow, the dovecotes carved into the fairy chimneys would never be without eggs. In the last days of his working life, he wanted to go to his field early, but since he did not have the old power, he collapsed at the foot of a fairy chimney. On the other hand, he bewailed. While he was feeling sad and crying, he suddenly saw many fairies coming out of the fairy chimneys with torches in their hands. The fairies gathered the crops and carried them to the hangars and they disappeared until dawn. The old man could not believe his eyes but the reward of diligence should have been the prize, and after that night the fairies always rushed to his aid. The villagers never knew the truth about the yield of this old peasant’s field and how he took care of it, even though he did not have a leg. One day the old man died with his secret, but fairy chimneys kept this secret with silence.

Just like many other secrets they  keep …


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