Sinop İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

Sinop İngilizce Tanıtımı (Kısa)

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Sinop was established in the middle of the Black Sea Region, in the northernmost part of Anatolia, in the narrowest part of Boztepe Peninsula. It is one of the most beautiful natural ports of the Black Sea. The province, one of the oldest cities in the region, is the birthplace of the third century philosopher Diyojen. The beaches intertwined with forests offer incredible beauty to those who visit the city.

Surface Area: 5.862 km²

Population: 219,733

Districts: Boyabat, Gerze, Ayancık, Durağan, Türkeli, Erfelek, Saraydüzü, Dikmen, Center.


 The settlement date of Sinop province started with the Bronze Age.  Sinop, which was founded as a Hellenic Colony in the 7th century, was the most important city of the Black Sea in Antiquity. Sinop was one of the capitals of the Pontus State, who wanted to combine the native cultures of Anatolia with the Hellenistic and Persian cultures in the Hellenistic period. In the Byzantine period, the region became Hellenized in language and culture under the influence of Orthodox Christianity.

Sinop was ruled ,in 70 B.C. by Romans,  by the Byzantines in 395 A.D,by  the Seljuks on October 3, 1214, and by the Ottomans in 1461.

Sinop was included in the second priority provinces in development in 1972. The first large-scale industrial enterprise is the Ayancık Lumber Factory. Other important industrial establishments, Bottle Glass Factory, Flour Industry, Soksa, Içyapı Orme Ve Konfeksiyon A.S. and brick and tile factories in the soil industry. Ayancık linen, Boyabat circle weaving, wooden scale model making and wooden handwork are the most rooted handicrafts in Sinop. The first library was opened in 1924 by Dr. It was founded under the leadership of Rıza Nur.


Places to Visit

Sinop Castle: It was built in order to protect the city in the 16th century. It was used in the periods of the Seljuk State, Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire. Part of this place in the history of Sinop remains original. Also, the castle has two entrance doors. Sinop Castle, which sheds light on the history of Sinop, places to visit in Sinop.

Inceburun Lighthouse: Inceburun Lighthouse, which is located about 20 km from Sinop province, can be reached via the Ayancık road. It is interesting that in the lantern, built in 1983, a family has been living for many years and has a 12-meter high tower. Due to taking  place at the northernmost tip of Turkey, it has been one of the most important lighthouses in the country. You can have an extraordinary lighthouse in Sinop on the plain side of the beach in your Places to See in Sinop.

Inaltı Cave: The cave is at an altitude of 1070 meters from the sea. It is 40 km away  from Ayancık district of Sinop. It can be reached by car up to 50 meters below. The rest is reached by stairs. Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, dripstones, dripstones pools can be seen inside the Inaltı Cave. Inaltı Cave fascinates the visitors with this magnificent view. There is also a nice country coffee in front of the cave. In short, do not leave without seeing İnaltı Cave on your holiday in Sinop.

Historical Sinop Prison: The location of this prison was the biggest shipyard in the Black Sea. It was built on the inside of the castle, on the old shipyard section. Its surroundings are covered with high castles. For this reason, it is impossible to escape. Although it is not an exact document, Nazım Hikmet Ran, Refik Halit Karay, Mustafa Suphi, Ahmet Bedevi Kuran, Refii Cevat, Hüseyin Hilmi, Burhan Felek, Osman Cemal Kaygılı, Celal Zühtü Benneci, Sebahattin Ali, Kerim korcan, Osman  Deniz, Zekeriya Sertel as poets and writers of the punishment or the Sinop prison.

Sinop Akgol : Located in the 1200-meter high plateau, this lake is well-suited for picnicking and trekking in the forest. Sinop Akgol is a point that nature and adventure lovers should put on Sinop’s list of Natural Beauties.

Babacay Canyon: In the canyon, which is famous for its trails that attract the attention of nature lovers, you can make a beautiful walk with greenery at the end of this canyon course in Ayancık district of Sinop. Never leave the city without seeing Babacay Canyon during your visit to Sinop.

Boyabat Rock Cemeteries: Although these rock cemeteries are the most robust structure to date, they are carved into the Limestone Rocks and spread over 200 meters. These cemeteries built by the palaglagians are among the historical places of Sinop worth seeing with their lion figured column headers and square column bases.

Hamsilos Bay: This bay, which is one of the most popular places in the Black Sea, is known by the people as Hamsilos, although its real name is Hamsoros. Hamsilos Bay is 11 km away from Sinop City Center. This beautiful place arose  in the Ice Age, when the entire Black Sea freezes, glaciers melts. Hamsilos Bay is a national park today and festivals are organized in some periods. Hamsilos Bay, which is a picnic area frequently visited by the people of Sinop, is definitely one of the places to be seen in Sinop.

Sinop Balatlar Church : This work, which was used as a bath during the Roman period, was converted into a church in the Byzantine period, and it was made public in 2000. It was built on a very large area. It has a large courtyard. The church is rectangular and only its upper structure remains intact. A good example of the Byzantine building technique, 4 rows of bricks were used on all the walls of the church.

Sinop Mobile and Korucuk Village: If you want to swim in Sinop, you should first choose Mobile and Korucuk Village, which is calm and has a seaside-like beach, and draws attention with its unique beach that is good for many ailments.

Sinop Akliman: Akliman, which is 9 km away from the city center with a picnic area, is in a very important location with its long and seaworthy beach.

Boyabat Castle: It is located in Sinbat’s Boyabat district. It was established on a hill in Gokırmak Valley. There are ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods. Boyabat Castle was built with materials suitable for the natural structure of the rocks where it was founded. The present form of the castle was built in the time of Osmanoğulları and was added to Sinop’s History.

Pasha Bases: It is located in Nisi Village 3 km away  from Sinop province. It was built in the 19th century to protect the country as a police station. There are architectures belonging to the Ottoman period. It was built on two floors. Soldier’s wards, arsenal, gun slots, trenches and stone-built walls were built inside.

Historical Madrasa: The madrasa, located in the city center of Sinop, was built by the Seljuk Vizier Suleyman Pervane. Pervane Madrasa also got its name from here. Built in the name of the city for the second time in 1992, the madrasah has a rectangular plan. There is an octagonal fountain in the middle of the courtyard. There are ten small and small rooms with five and each of them has hearth and outside windows. You should put the Madrasa, which has witnessed the history of Sinop, in your list of places to visit in Sinop.

Seyit Bilal Hazretleri Mausoleum: It is located in Sinop city center. It was built in 1280. It is an inscription-free wooden case surrounded by a cage. There are a total of 4 sarcophagi in the tomb, 1 large, 1 small and 2 medium. Seyit Bilal Hazretleri Mausoleum, which has been in Sinop history for many years, is worth seeing.



Erfelek Waterfalls: Erfelek Waterfall, which has a wonderful view with its greenery and scenery, has been receiving a lot of visitors as mountain and nature tourism recently. One of them is Tatlıca Waterfalls. There are trouts, ice water and 28 waterfalls, large and small. The number of visitors coming to see this magnificent natural wonder is quite a lot.


Karakum Beach: This region attracts everyone’s attention with its untouched beauties and calm beach, 3 km from Sinop Center. With the eruption of the volcano in Boztepe Peninsula, the black color formed by ash and sand at the bottom of the sea has added a different beauty to the beach.



Highway: Bus Terminal is in the city center. Bus transportations  are organized regularly from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Antalya and Erzurum.

Seaway: Sinop Port is in the city ​​center. One of the important port of Sinop, Turkey, a Medcruis has been inclued in the network, welcomes you to the world famous cruise ships.

By Air: The distance of Sinop Airport to the city center is 8 km. Transportation is done by minibuses or taxis. However, Samsun-Çarşamba Airport is generally used.



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